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January 6, 2012
By heatherbug DIAMOND, Elon, North Carolina
heatherbug DIAMOND, Elon, North Carolina
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Squatting close to the floor, knees bent. Eyes wide, looking around the court. Double check your stance, adjust your knee pads. Hands in position, your ready to go. It's game time. The other team serves. Our team moves to spot. Think quick, don't mess up. She sets up a perfect bump. Liberia comes in with a perfect set. Our corner girl goes in for the spike. Yes! An ace! We got the first point and the ball. Sweat starts to roll off our faces. Adrenaline running through our bodies. It's my serve. The crowd hollering my name, my team cheering me on. It's now or never in my mind. Ball in hand I walk behind the serve line. Dribbling in process to get my mind set. The ref blows their whistle. It's my time to shine. Knees bent, ball in one hand, other coming up behind. My hand meets the ball. Anticipation runs through me to see if it got over, I run up and watch. Yes! I got it over. The other team plays well off my serve, but my team is ready. Three hits and the ball is gone. Coaches call a time out. We run over there and all grab water. Our coaches say were playing good and keep it up. Majority of us wiping our faces with our shirt. To much sweat at one time. Time out is up. Gather in a circle, hands in, captain says "Team on three: one, two, three." All together now "Team!" And it's back to the court. Four matches later and it's game point. Opposing team has the ball. Serve goes over. The ball is coming my way. Arms go out, but my distance is off. So I'm going in for a dig. I stretch and slide out across the floor, arms in position. I saved it! My girl goes up for the set. Our main attacker goes for the spike. Slam! The ball is over. Somehow they manage to play off it. I herd the thud it made when it hit her arm...OUCH! But their bump was bad. They couldn't play off it. Yes! We just won. We run and hug each other. Then line up high five the other team. After that were gone usually to go eat. Volleyball. Some great memories and this is one of them.

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