A Day I Would Never Forget.

January 6, 2012
By Anonymous

The day I was the age of 9 I lived in Worcester Massachusetts in a valley called Great Broke Valley and I remember this day as if it was the last day I was to live as it was for some unlucky person. The Great Broke Valley was a place of Drugs, Violence, and Rape was how thing rolled out in The Great Broke valley, a neighborhood full of Latino Kings and Crips, The streets flung with drug heads and Crack Dealers and if you wanted to act tough you had to act tough and things weren't going as good either for the Police.The murder Rates where going up and People where losing there life's to the street life, People were always partying even including my parents but I will never forget April 7th 2001 as the worst day of my life.

The day was colder than any usually day because winter was leaving and so I got comfortable for school. I walked everyday to the bus stop three streets away because every one that lived in the Great Broke Valley lived in Apartments. My brother and I always use to keep a close eye on things in case anyone would get into a bad mood we would walk straight back home. On April 7th around 8:00 for school me and my older brother walked to the bus stop and we were caught in a horrific situation . As we walked the second street towards the bus stop a man in a 1997 Toyota Corolla was driving at high speeds to a man who was walking to work. The man in the Toyota corolla Stopped the Car and stood out , the man was 6'3 about 214 pounds he was skinny but muscular he stopped in front a man walking his way and pulled out a golden desert Eagle at the mans face. The man that pulled out the gun in the car had his gun pointing right at the man and had mumbled a couples words but I couldn’t hear what he said from the cool wind blowing . The man who had a gun pointed at his head had his eyes closed as we knew he was praying to god for the man to leave. Me and my brother where behind a bush on the second street in front of a two story house.I could hear my brother breathing hard because he was scarred as so was I but my eyes couldn’t go off to what was about to happen to the man that was praying with his eyes closed.The man with the gun screamed at the man saying he couldn’t believe he slept with his wife and was so angry that without even letting the man say a word or apologize he pulled the trigger right at the mans face I remember looking at my brother and started to cry and couldn’t believe with what I had seen. the man rode off into the distance and so me and brother were so terrified we just walked home and called our parents and the next day were interviewed by the police.

When we were being interviewed at the police station I could breath in the room due to the visual images of the man being killed right before my eyes had me paranoid and stuff words in my throat.I was asked many questions but told as much as I could. The police let me and my brother out after a couple hours of interrogation and we rode home. The man was caught in a drug house on a probation violation and was arrested and was sentenced to life in prison. Ever sine that day I was terrified of the streets and wanted to leave everyday I spent in The Great Broke Valley I couldn’t stand it and my fears could be seen by anyone that I knew. The visual image of what happened replayed and replayed everyday when id try to sleep at night . So my family had decided to make a decision and move to Florida and begin a new life but I would never forget the day of April 7th 2011 and this is my personal experience.

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