My Tubing Wreck

January 6, 2012
By KTMRacing BRONZE, Muscatine, Iowa
KTMRacing BRONZE, Muscatine, Iowa
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“You twisted your rib cage.” That’s what I heard from the doctor after my chiropractor appointment.

It all started when my step-dad, Duke, picked up some tractor inner tubes. We tied a rope around them and aired them up.

There were two of them and each one could fit four people. We used our quad to pull them around. We had it set up so it was the quad, 5ft. of rope, tube, 5 ft. of rope, and the last tube. It was more fun to ride on the farthest tube because it went faster when the quad driver drifted.

I always rode on the farthest tube, but I did have to ride on the closer tube every now and again. One day Duke decided to drive the quad. My step-brother, Austin, and I were riding the tubes. After a while we decided to ride on different tubes and Austin wanted the rear tube so I got on the front tube and we took off. Duke was taking us around our track and decided to take us over one of the doubles, which is a dirt bike jump.

Austin bailed off before we got there and I was thinking about doing the same so I didn’t get hurt. When I bailed off we were at the beginning of the take off of the jump. The rear tube caught me in the air and pulled me into the landing of the jump.

The whole landing of the jump was rounded except for where I hit. There was a clump of dirt that was frozen and sharp. It knocked the wind out of me. After I got my breath back we went inside for the day.

For about a week after my back hurt pretty bad, so we went to the chiropractor and they adjusted my back and told me my rib cage was twisted! After I got adjusted I felt a lot better.

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