teen love?

January 6, 2012
By Anonymous

When you are young you think you know what love is. I know for a fact I don’t know what love is and I don’t believe in love and maybe when I get older I will figure out what I think is fiction. One time I dated this girl she was the most interesting and beautiful girl I had ever dated after two months she told me that she loved me and I didn’t know what to say because I didn’t believe in love and I didn’t know how I felt about her I know that we were very close and everything but it wasn’t love I know that. So as we looked at each other I said I don’t think that it has gone that far yet and if she felt that strong then I think we should talk about how we feel in full and discuss what goes on in our heads while we were together. When we talked we both expressed our feelings and watched each others facial expressions. while I listened to and watched her she told me that she feels as if I was the only man she wanted to be with in her life she said that if it wasn’t for me she would not know what would happen I felt the same way except I knew that it would end one day to every great beginning there is a horrible end. We were both 15 years old at the time we both thought we were ready to go farther than kissing and holding hands when we went farther we didn’t know what to do so we stopped and said we would try again some other day when we knew what we were doing and could preform that deed I decided to keep my v-card and she chose not to so we broke-up and she began dating a 19 year old man and she lost her v-card to him I still have mine and I will till I find the right girl. My life has changed since this I don’t just let myself get close to anyone they have to be a very special person. Teenagers who tell each other they love each other should wait till they know what love is.

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