Torn to pieces.

January 6, 2012
By Blair Hitchcock BRONZE, Morriston, Florida
Blair Hitchcock BRONZE, Morriston, Florida
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It was forbidden for her to care, she couldn’t cry anymore. She was forbidden to try to fix it; to wait for him any longer. She couldn’t even talk to him, when she did she felt another little piece of her heart break, she wanted him more than anything even he friends could see that. Her heart longed for him; for his love. Her hands longed for his and she couldn’t help it. Her body needed his in every way imaginable; she loves him with everything that has ever been hers. There was no fighting it, no denying it she truly loved this boy, she would do anything and everything, but he took that for granted he played with her heart, he lied; everything was a lie.

There was nothing for her to do, she tried over and over yet she failed every time. It was now forbidden, she couldn’t talk to him, she didn’t choose it of course, but he did. He wanted no part of her; he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the way she felt even though he claimed to feel the same way since the fourth grade. He didn’t care anymore. When she’d see him it was like a lightning bolt struck the ground between them, she’d fall but he was still standing like nothing went wrong.

He’d talk about her but not in the sweet loving way, he’d say mean and horrible things but ignore her questions as to why he’d do this to her when she did nothing wrong, he’d just walk away. Every night she’d cry for hours on end; she’d cry till she couldn’t breathe anymore she wasn’t herself for months. She didn’t know how to deal with it, her friends were tired of it but they didn’t know. They didn’t know how it felt to have the first one you’ve ever loved treat like you’re nothing, just crap on the side of a highway. There was nothing in her heart, she was empty.

Yet she picked herself up, she said she didn’t care, she ignored him. She didn’t even look his direction. She did it, she’s moving on. She hasn’t cried for a week. She refuses now to be treated horrible by him, he has nothing; no right to do this to her so she put a stop to it. She’s grown from this and now he’s forbidden by her. She now has power over how he affects her emotions, feelings, and thoughts. She’s complete. She doesn’t care, or so she says.

The author's comments:
It's about a boy and my feelings.

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