January 10, 2012
By greenbean_94 SILVER, Somerville, Tennessee
greenbean_94 SILVER, Somerville, Tennessee
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"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

My mother always said "If you think you're ugly and act like you know you are, people will look at you like you are." As a child, I really didn't know what she meant. I was confident and happy. Why would I worry about how I looked? Then I hit puberty. Suddenly, all those things my mother repeated in my ear about confidence and beauty and boys all seemed so make sense. When I reached an age where I did care about how I looked, I noticed how insecure girls can be. I would look around a room, only to see girls with their arms folded, heads down, twisting their hair viciously. These girls were beautiful and smart, but they did not think of themselves that way. I would observe these insecure beings and wonder why they felt useless and unattractive. Over time, I became one of those girls; insecure. Sometimes, I felt ugly and like I was nothing, but over time, I figured out that I am beautiful, I just didn't THINK that I was. After years of observation and experience of my own, I came to a conclusion: You may be insecure and feel unattractive, but why let others see or think that you think that? Again and again, I have felt the sting of harsh remarks made to me and the haunting faces of girls who I thought were so much prettier than I. Thinking to myself "I wish I was her" I neglected the fact that I am who I am and I should cherish it. My mom says that even if you lack confidence, make others believe that you don't. I believe that to be true. A little self-respect is much more attractive than a hot body or big boobs, I have learned. Confidence is not something you just have, it's something you achieve. I believe that if you act confident, soon enough you will FEEL confident, and finally, BE confident! You ARE beautiful! Realize that and walk with your head high! If you think you're beautiful, others will too. I can't tell you how many guys have told me that they like confident girls. So, be confident. But don't do it for guys, or your parents. Do it for you! Cherish who you are; embrace yourself! Life is too short to be self conscious about your hair or the big pimple on your nose. Gradually, you will see that confidence is true freedom from pain and worry. Like I said, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! So act like you know that! Be confident!

The author's comments:
A little something that is for EVERY girl who feels unattractive!

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