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January 10, 2012
By vetlover21 SILVER, Bronx, New York
vetlover21 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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People ask me why I love to read and write. I ask “why don’t you.” I mean it’s one of the first things your parents try to teach you. It’s right up there with walking and talking. Yet, there are plenty of people who hate doing it. I love to read and write it’s one of my favorite hobbies. The thing about reading is that when I open a book, it’s like being taken into another word or this one, just better. I know it sounds like a cliché but it’s true for me. When I write it’s like I can take my pen and make my own world where I live and ,if I allow, my friends can live to. Speaking of friends it was best friend who encouraged me to write after I lost a library book and waited all year to pay for it. I was just sitting writing a simple story that wasn’t supposed to go anywhere but then my friend picked it up and started reading. She told me to keep writing. She hated when I stopped and would read over my shoulder word for word. Because of Shanaya I finished my first non-assignment short story at the age of thirteen. I really didn’t want anyone but my friends to read it so I gave to my friend to do whatever with it because she liked the story so much.

Shanaya inspires me to write because she’ll just say, “Hey you know you should write another story.” I try to do it because I know she’s right but I want to write something I know everybody will be able to read and not judge me on. So I tried a love story which I just finished two weeks ago and am typing up and sending out to see if I can get it in to a text book or something. The best thing is that Shanaya is completely supportive of me even if she doesn’t like the genre of the story. She still believes I’m a talented write and with time will bloom to be a great author.

I’ve also tried poetry. My cousin once challenged me to make a page long poem using a size 12 font which is a little smaller than this. My eighth grade teacher did a lesson on poetry and had everyone write a poem. I made a very sad and depressing yet funny poem. I’m proud to say that each of these poems is going to be published in two different books and I’m entered in the semifinals for two poetry contest. Though I’m okay at making poetry my heart stays in love stories and historical fiction. It just seems I love to make stories that’ll make you cry and see how love over comes the hardest trials. It could be because I’ve spent the last three years searching for love in any form to help me overcome some very personal trails.

For me writing is way to express my deepest feelings in story you’d never guess it had anything to do with my thoughts. As for reading it’s a way to open my mind so I can write and expand my taste for words. It’s also an escape from a place where happiness comes and goes. For a few minutes I can be in a world filled with feelings some else chose to create. At least I know the sadness, pain, and confusion is left on the page and when I close the cover they won’t escape in to my world of unjust and misery.

So why do I like reading and writing? Just because it’s who I am. It’s my way to show who I can be or who I want to be. It presents a future for a talent I only discovered two years ago. For me it’s everything. It’s an adventure of emotions and trials. An adventure of cops and robbers of anything you can imagine. Reading and writing is just fun. So even if you don’t like it realize you do it every day. I personally wouldn’t mind spending every day reading a book. Who knows maybe one day I will.

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