January 10, 2012
By marco pozo BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
marco pozo BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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Rolling through the streets of my neighborhood. Rolling over pebbles and sand loving life. This is feeling my board run over little me, a skater. Skateboarding is my motivation without it I am nothing. Always getting busted for skating in the street. People getting mad because they don’t like what we do, they don’t like that we skate.
People accuse me of being a bad kid because of what I love to do. Because kids in the past set a bad image on us kids now. We still carry that bad image when where not all bad kids with big saggy pants were. Were well taken care of and we love what we do. People that still don’t like us because we skate is what me and my friends call skater racist. People who hate kids because they skate. Those are the real bad people. Getting mad at a child for skating, well we skating are keeping us out of trouble not getting us in it.
Skateboarding is not just a wooden deck with wheels. It’s more than that, it’s an opportunity, a gym, a love, a passion, and I want to get somewhere with skating and by practicing it every day will get me there. And like any other sport it keeps you happy and healthy. And if I didn’t have skating in my life I would be a completely different person because I dress like I do because of skating I act like I do because of skating everything I do now is based on skateboarding and I love it!
Skateboarding is not just a hobby it’s a sport, people all over the world love doing it. It makes them happy and me happy. Skating has made me into the kid I am today. It has brought me good friends like my close friends Adrian, Ricardo, and Jacob; and I have become close friends with them by meeting them at our local skate park, it has also brought me challenges like doing an Ollie down 7 stairs, and happiness. Skateboarding is me!

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im a skateboarder

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