Short Stories

January 9, 2012
By Anonymous

Stop, Drop, and Roll

At school one day, we had the fire department that was closet to our school come and teach us about safety and fires. They gave us a whole bunch of papers and toys and gave us a lecture. Then after snack time, we got to go through a house fire simulation. It was an RV that the inside looked liked a home would. There was smoke coming in so we were told to get on the floor and crawl to the window and climb out. Going through the simulation was so much fun! But then I went home and asked my paren'ts what our plan was if we ever had a fire, they told me we didn’t have one. I thought about it and if we didn’t have a plan, then it must not be real. I wanted to make sure.

I picked up the phone and called 911, but on the second ring, I hung up. I picked up the phone and called again, this time I hung up when a lady on the other end spoke. I got in some trouble when the police ended up knocking on my door. But for three weeks, I would dial 911, and hang up. I didn’t understand how calling three numbers could make police men come to my door. The fourth time the police showed up at my house, my paren'ts got in trouble; therefore I got in a ton of trouble. I now believe that 911 exist, and now that I am older, I even understand how it works.

Screaming Ballerina

I had just gotten out of the shower and into my new pair of the fuzzy socks my mom had bought me for winter. It was late, and past my bed time, because I had danced in the Nutcracker, Downtown. I was on top of the clouds; I had done so great! My paren'ts had told me to be quiet because my sister, Taylor, had to call her step-dad to tell him Merry Christmas and about her time dancing in the Nutcracker tonight too.

My two brothers, Tanner and Tyler, and my older sister, Taylor, were my Mom’s children, but not my Dad’s. Their dad lives in Oklahoma and owns an oil company so he makes good money, but my siblings did not like him. My Dad also had two other sons that weren’t my Mom’s, but we hardly saw or spoke of them.

I was playing by myself on the stairs, but I decided that I wanted to go down stairs. I got on the banister to side down, like I had done a million times before, because it sure seemed easier than walking down the stairs, but my fuzzy socks made me slip. I flipped over the banister and hit the hardwood floor and started screaming from the pain as I bounced back up and turned in the air landing on my face this time. My family came rushing in and my Dad was mad. He sent me to my room and told me to stop crying once he realized I hadn’t broken anything. I never slid down any banister again after that night.

Why is it Locked?

I was on the stairs to the basement, crouching down with my hand over my mouth to muffle my breathing. All the lights were off and my heart was racing. I was trying to go unseen because I was supposed to be in bed. However, I wanted to see what would happen to my brother, Tanner.

It was a typical Friday night. We had eaten and gone off to play before bed time. My older sister, Taylor, stayed and talked with my Mom in the kitchen. Jordan, my twin, and I had gone to play some video games and my youngest older brother, Tanner, had been feeling sick. Before bed, we needed to get our flu shots. My Dad had brought them home from work, he is a doctor. We all came back to the kitchen. We saved Tanner’s shot for last since he was resting in his room.

None-the-less, when we went to go and get my brother, he was not in his room and the screen to his window was in his bedroom floor. My Mom told us to go to our room, but of course we didn’t because we wanted to see. My Mom and Dad both decided it would be best to wait for him in the dark and surprise him. They locked the window in my brother’s room. Once Tanner had came back, we heard him jumping into each of the three window wells. One after one the window wouldn’t open and you could hear him progressively getting more panicked. The last window was the window my Mom left unlocked and my paren'ts were hiding near. Once my brother was half way climbing back inside, my mom pulled him in. Jordan and I ran upstairs to our rooms, we didn’t want to know after all.

He had snuck out to go and smoke a cigarette with a girl who he liked. He was grounded.

Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours

Growing up as a kid our family didn’t play many games. We were not allowed to go far outside or to neighbor’s houses. Our ages varies so much, 11-21 years old, that we also didn’t hang out much with each other either. My twin and I did play with or dolls and sandboxes, but I never really enjoyed either one all throughout my young childhood. This was due to the fact that in our pretend games, she would always make me be the bad guy, the person everyone in the world we were in hated, which would make me feel bad.

None-the-less, there was a favorite game of mine. My favorite game was one of my brother’s video game, Oblivion. It was my brother’s game, so usually I would just watch Tanner play it. It was rated M, so I had to promise to not tell my paren'ts, and not get nightmares which was easy because I loved watching him play. After a few months, he decided to let me play. The only condition was for me to clean his room for my paren'ts or when he had girls come over. I also wasn’t supposed to clean his room, but being a normal kid, I did it anyways so I could play the game I loved. To this day, Oblivion is still my favorite game from my childhood.

Black Cats and Star Wars

Even though most of my siblings are out of the house now and live their own lives, we all come together for many holidays. All of the holidays at my house are very interesting and memorable; the ones my brother, Tanner, causes some sort of trouble at are the ones that stick out the most to me. My favorite holiday was the year that Jordan, Tanner, Jackson, and I spent New Year’s together.

My paren'ts had gone out to dinner, and my brother was still at our house because he was visiting from S.C.A.D, a collage in Savanna, for Christmas break. We got Jackson to be, after he puked on Tanner of course, and we hung out on the couch watching the parody of Star Wars that Family Guy did. We ate some hand tossed pizza, the only kind that should be legal to be called pizza, and laughed our butts off. Around twelve thirty, we went around back and my brother set off some Black Cats. It was very interesting to watch him burn himself, but then someone opened their door. My brother whispered hastily run, run go inside! So I booked it as fast as I could toward the door.

The door was a sliding glass door. Without me noticing, Jordan had shut it when she came out, and it was so clean I thought it was still open. I ran straight into it, and it was an iconic slide down the door and to the concrete leaving a smudge the whole way down also. I just sat there and laughed, I couldn’t even move. My brother eventually grabbed me and slung me inside. But those are the memories that are the greatest; the ones that go so fantastically wrong, that you couldn’t possibly forget them.

Don’t Tell Mom or Dad

My paren'ts had been out of town to take a break from their life. They left Jordan and me in charge to take care of the house and our little brother. It was over the summer, and they wanted to be back for the fourth of July; they figured we would be okay with holding down the fort for three days while they were in Seattle. I would get up and take care of my brother and the house and the dogs, around noon my sister would get up and help, and we would then put him down to bed and do whatever we wished after that. This plan worked well. The third day had come around and my sister was just finishing up the chore list my paren'ts had left for us.

The last thing on the list was to wash our car. Jordan had been outside for a few hours, so I went out to see what was taking so long! She was sitting in the car looking glum. The sky was grey and it was starting to sprinkle, ruining all of her hard work. I felt bad, so I told her to hold tight. I ran inside and grabbed my car keys. I hadn’t gotten my permit yet, but I had been to a MasterDrive crash course, so I knew my car well. I went to pull it into the small side of the garage because my Mom’s car was still in the big side. My sister automatically freaked out and I told her to shut up. Once I got the car squared up, I started to slowly pull forward watching my side, and I ordered Jordan to watch hers. The only problem was she didn’t tell me that she has a lot of room on her side. And I didn’t calculate for the part of my car that bows out.

I stopped and told her to go and watch, I didn’t want her to freak. The car was right next to the wall. I knew I couldn’t back out, because the side mirror would come off. So I made the only choice I could, I continued to pull forward praying it wouldn’t be terrible. I got the car in and jumped out of the car. There was a scratch all on the side of the car, and a dent in the garage wall. My sister was freaking out! I ran inside, and got the house pant to fix the dent, and make it an illusion. Then a assessed the scratch, and it seemed to be only on the top of the paint, so I buffed it out. It looked like nothing had happened, but I still had to tell Jordan not to tell our Mom or Dad. To this day, they still have no idea that happened while they were gone.

“The Moment They Placed You in My Arms, You Slipped into My Heart”

I have a huge family, full of many different personalities and interests and ages. However, my Mom has always been a house wife. So once me and my sister were going to be heading into eighth grade, she decided she wanted someone else to watch learn and grow. My Mom was unable to bear any more children so we thought it would be best if we help a child who needed a good home. We went through the whole adoption process, which took about a year. That was one very long year! And then, by some grace of God, we got a phone call. There was a baby in a hospital in Las Vegas who needed a home. The birth mother had given him up. And the receiving adoptive paren'ts did not want him either because he has been a baby of a mother who was a drug user. He had been in the hospital for about four weeks and really needed a home. My paren'ts immediately bought plan tickets and flew out there to get him. After a few days, my paren'ts flew him back here to join our family. We named him Jackson Tubbs. We welcomed him with open arms and heart, and none of us treat him as if he is adopted. When I look at him, all I see is my brother, nothing less.

High Heels on Italian Tile

We all were on the plane by now; Jordan, Mom, Dad, and I. We were on our way to Las Vegas, October 15. My dad is a doctor so he has a course he had to take, and we were allowed to come.

The city was beautiful! I loved it. And our hotel seemed like it was only something you could dream up, but it was real. Everything was so large and extravagant. We went to our very first concert which lasted up to 3 in the morning. Then we went back to our hotel and it felt like 9am because the ceiling was painted a blue sky and the gondolas were sailing through the hotel. By the time we finally were ready to go to bed, it felt like my feet were bleeding! We had been walking in high heels on the tile in “little Italy” for hours. We slept great that night.

We also went to the pool and suntanned, while everyone back home in Colorado was facing the snow. We went and saw a wonderful performance of Circus De Sole also. It all was just so amazing; I couldn’t believe my eyes at many times. When we finally had to go home, I was a little down hearted, but I still smiled because it was the best fourteenth birthday I could have asked for.

The author's comments:
My teacher asked up to pull upon memories from our childhood. These are just a few from my crazy childhood; some thing we can all relate to.

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