the giraffe

January 5, 2012
By ccgert01 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
ccgert01 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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The life of a giraffe is very simple. You're born, you find a mate, and then you pass on. But not for this one, no this particular giraffe had more of a difficult time making it through life.

At the first section of the giraffes zoo things were easy. He was invited places and had many friends. There were no cares, just freedom. As all the giraffes got older and moved up to the second section of the zoo things changed, so did friends. The happy giraffe was now not so much the same anymore. Time passed and the giraffe didn't even know who his real friends were anymore. Soon it was time for the giraffe to leave the zoo. He was now older and had to move up to a different one. He thought he had found his place. This zoo is where he would prosper. But no. He was mocked and picked on just for being himself. After his first year there the giraffe decided to leave. After a three month search he found a nice zoo. It was not hard for the giraffe to settle in. He was happy again and other animals liked him. Once again the giraffe was accepted and had a place to call home.

The author's comments:
a short story about someone i know. but instead of using a person and there name i used a giraffe

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