Why I'm Straight Edge.

January 5, 2012
By OfMiceAndAngel PLATINUM, Westminster, Colorado
OfMiceAndAngel PLATINUM, Westminster, Colorado
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You have so many options in life. Never make giving up one of them. ♥

From the moment I was born, my life was already surrounded by bad substances. My parents were young, merely 17 when I arrived. My mom had quit smoking during her pregnancy, but only hours after she gave birth, she started smoking again. She has smoked cigarettes my entire life, and even before. It disgusts me. And for my dad; well, let’s just say he’s not in my life anymore. Drugs and bad decisions became more important than his 3 year old daughter. He ended up paying time, and missing my entire childhood. He has cleaned up more now, though only because he had to.
That is one of my main reasons for becoming straight edge. After growing up in an environment such as this, I realized it is not something to look up to. Who wants their kids to look up to parents who always reek of cigarette smoke, who have gone to jail and drug rehab? No one in their sane mind should want to set this example.
Some of my other reasons are;

We’ve all seen the movies, heard the horror stories, and most likely know someone that has messed up their life for a substance or a one night stand. Are these stories glamorous? Not even close. If you think they are, tell me how getting drunk, throwing up, acting stupid, and having a hangover seem like a great idea? Because to me, it’s insanely stupid. Or how about using a drug “one time”, and letting that college scholarship get screwed over because it was more than “just once?” Your 12 years of education should be worth more than meth and marijuana. Now tell me about sleeping around. Of course we all have that one person at school; the “s***.” Have you ever thought about their reputation and if it feels good to be called a w****? Well if not, I’ll tell you; Having a great personality, a beautiful smile, and sparkling eyes will not mean anything to guys if you have a bad reputation. Their whole being means nothing to guys, except what’s under their clothes.

I have seen, and am still experiencing, how hard it is for my mom. Having a child while still a teenager was hard enough, but not having my dad makes it more difficult. Without being married, he was able to come and go whenever he pleased. It makes me sick he didn’t care for his own blood. If they would have waited till marriage, I would have grown up with a father figure and we wouldn’t be struggling with money.

Drugs, alcohol, and casual sex are just stupid. I know there are many people out there who will disagree, but only because these things are their fall-back when times are hard. However, I don’t like these because there is really no use for them in our world. They set bad examples and have ruined thousands of people’s lives.

I understand that I am only fourteen. Though my age does not effect this claiming of edge. I can honestly say that over half the people in my old middle school drink or do drugs. They can’t even drive yet, but they smoke and get drunk every night. Some kids I know have come close to death from alcohol poisoning and an overdose. They are ruining their lives before they get a chance to actually live. If their younger selves saw them now, they wouldn’t be proud. Who, as a kid, says, “When I get older, I’m going to become a drug addict and drop out of high school!”? Nobody wants to take that life path.
I have listened to speakers who have turned their lives around since their druggie days. The stories they tell horrify me. They are an inspiration, but it took substances to make them that way. I feel that by claiming edge, I won’t have to go through this process to be strong. Staying clean for a life time is so much better and nothing to be ashamed of.
My Straight Edge Conditions;

Absolutely no drugs

Not even a sip of alcohol

No sex before marriage
And if you have a problem with any of this, guess what? I hope you have fun in rehab. (:

The author's comments:
Hugs not drugs. (:

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on May. 20 2014 at 2:35 am
MustangsK_2015 BRONZE, Dugway, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
You have many options in life, NEVER make giving up one of them.

You are an inspiration! 

emcee forest said...
on Feb. 25 2012 at 11:06 pm
emcee forest, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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You say it like it is. You are wise. Edge is good.

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