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January 9, 2012
By mastaP BRONZE, Swansboro, North Carolina
mastaP BRONZE, Swansboro, North Carolina
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Imagine to be trapped not by man or by nature, but something even more personal, your own thoughts. Just noticing the effect tells you the journey happened by mistake, we just can’t go somewhere that we can’t get back from, we weren’t built like that. But theirs always that one guy, living in the dips of New York, a man that’s crossed to the point of contradiction, the curious sort, enough to pursue some wrongs and lead a man’s mind to confusion. On a social level, his morals were jumbled but his heart was strong. In a desperate attempt to find peace, the man looked to therapists, doctors, preachers, and pastors, with none able to give any helpful answers. His motivation for finding his peace slowly died and not long after, he declared his quit. His careless view ceased his thoughts and peace had found him. His mind was blank to the spectator’s voice, and as ironic as it may be, he was bored with the new change. A few days later he was back, head deep into another one of his “journeys”, back to the beginning of step one.

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