Something Great

December 22, 2011
By Sydnay BRONZE, Susanville, California
Sydnay BRONZE, Susanville, California
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We all want to do something great. Or at least we wanted too....

Sometimes I come up with an extremely outrageous goal just to keep my mind off things.

Coming up with the goal is, perhaps, the easiest part. The real challenge is executing your goal, with the best of your ability. Everyone is different, so everyone has different goals or different ways of execution. Some chose the easy way, others take the rough road.

But who gets more out of it? The easy-goers or the hard-workers?

We make goals all the time, goals to make us a better person. On a rare occasion our goal is successfully executed. But most of the time, the goals that seem worth fighting for are tossed away, never to return.

If things could be done differently, how many goals would you have succeeded in completing?

I personally believe that making and completing goals could help us all.

The author's comments:
This article didn't cover much and it definitely went everywhere. But anyways its all from a reliable source - my mind.

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