Effortlessly Dying

December 15, 2011
There is nothing more to life then being close to your family, right? Well, sorry people, you'd be wrong. There's nothing more to life then the cruel beatings, sleepless nights, and soaked pillows from the tears of indulgence. No one can see the horribleness of the life that's been lived by someone like me. All the blood spilt could fill the ocean. All the tears shed could make up every river in the entire world. Nothing is perfect. Nothing is good. Everything around me turns to crap in the blink of an eye, unknowingly killing me every second. Why does life turn us so cruel? Why do the people that are meant to love us beat us so much? That's the sibling rivalry in my life. Beaten every day. Mentally tortured by her words. Never to know if she means them or not. Promoting the suicide I had attempted many of times before. Why can't she stop? She's driving me insane, giving me horrible thoughts, making me say horrible things. Nothing is good anymore. It's all her fault. I have too much to live for. Why does she do this to me? Can't she see she's killing me? In all ways possible, I'm no longer sane. I'm dead inside. Nothing can bring me back to life. She's finally done it. My own sister, the one I hate with everything I have and am emotionless to, has killed me. At last, I am free. Free from all harm she has done. I'm finally free.

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