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December 14, 2011
By jewls19 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
jewls19 BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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As a Sales Associate at Rue21, I have literally experienced every type of customer there is. These customers come in everyday and make my days all the more stressful or interesting, depending on the mood. There are those few that come in, look around, smile and purchase an item without any fuss or complaints. But this is a rarity. More often we get the mom who has too many children to handle, and allows them to run around and do as they please, acting as if they have been raised by chimpanzees. There is the needy and rude man that needs to get “this” shirt down, and “that” specific fitting room, as well as the “right” register not the “left”. There is the indecisive girl that rings up three hundred dollars worth of clothing, only to leave with five dollars worth after changing her mind multiple times. And my personal favorite is the messy customer. He brings in his entire order of Sonic, along with a Starbucks frappucino and decides it is a good idea to utilize the fitting room as his own personal trash can and the clothes as a napkin. Without these people coming into to my workplace, it would definitely be a dull place to work and I would miss telling these stories of my ridiculous encounters with the clueless world. Before I began working, I am sure I too, was once the customer that an associate at a store just like mine, despised. We do not realize the ridiculousness of these situations until they happen to us, and then we stop and think for a second, “Was I ever this person? Did I ever annoy every fiber in one’s body?” I feel that these customers have been a true blessing in disguise. Now when I walk into a store or a restaurant setting I appreciate the little things more. I have more respect for those that work and have to deal with people like these everyday. I try to be the person that I wish to see in my store. I feel that once you begin working and get your first job you learn and garner a lot about respect and treating people right. I feel blessed that I was able to have this opportunity early on and will now use these lessons for the remainder of my life.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for this piece was simply my experiences in working my first job. I wanted to get this out and express this through my writing.

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