Smells like teen spirit

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

The senior class is all about smelling teen spirit and boy, is that aroma strong or what? Seniors are role models to underclassmen; we are top notch, and thus being the class with the most pride and spirit in our school. Getting everybody motivated, pumped up, and noisy is just one of the features we offer because we are leaders.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” is also a song by Nirvana that gets you pumped up, because when you’re a teenager you’re wild and want to express it. If nobody has ever seen Sam and I play it on guitar and drums and, you might want to because it’s a magnanimous song for us to jam to! I also believe that smells like teen spirit means enjoy your life on earth because you only have one life so make the best of it, especially when you’re a teenager, because that’s the fastest time of your life and also the most fun time.
Even though it’s fun being a teenager right now, especially in a small town in Kansas, when I’m older and teenagers in that era will be doing replicated things that my friends and I did when we were teenagers, I will definitely be cussing and nagging at them like grandparents do in this era.
After announcing all of that, in reality I can’t be mad at them considering I did the same things, and was a little s*** back then also, everybody was and can’t deny it. Things change and so do people in your lifetime so I would advise that your teenage years be the best years you have in your life because understandably we all know the crazy, bad things that go on in a teen’s life. Soon enough you’ll be in a nursing home, having someone help you potty.

The author's comments:
it applies to the senior class

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