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December 1, 2011
By AdedYako BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
AdedYako BRONZE, Peoria, Arizona
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Assignment after project, after essay, after exam. Have faith in me when I say this cycle is seemingly endless and has been converted into a rerun of an awful movie. Yet, this is the typical existence of an Advanced Placement (AP) pupil, and it is as difficult as rocket science. No one can deny that AP courses are designated to separate the mentally capable from the ordinary by means of smothering their every nerve with stress and pressure. Seeing as all human beings are individuals in their own specific manner, their reactions to being enrolled in such exceedingly rigorous classes are all unique. Ordinarily, high schools students form crowds based on similarities, and the same applies to AP students. Through my personal observations, I have categorized and evaluated all of my AP peers into comical, yet honest congregations.

Undeniably, the most generic of these different sub cultures are the AP kids. In this context I deem AP as "Advanced Procrastinator." The "AP" kids account for roughly half of the total AP population, and the process they endure to manage their work load is an outspoken miracle. The "AP" kids can be located on a range of social network sites ready to make conversation with any of their 1000 friends, of whom they perhaps truthfully know a couple hundred, purely to avoid any variety of work. Due to their unfortunate conduct, they never acquire an ample eight hours and are encompassed in a vicious cycle of petty sleep, and intense fatigue. Their standard Sundays are too tragic to explain in full. Let it be declared that they lose all sense of life on Saturdays when they realize the punishment of their actions pending on them within the day to come.

There is another formation of AP kids that can be regarded as a minority. They are the rarest of the atypical, and they presumably take AP classes due to their fascination in the specific subjects, and have an aspiration to further their knowledge. Though, they are nameless up until now, primarily on the basis that no one has discovered legitimate evidence that they indeed dwell with the education system. Rumor has it, that one of these individuals once existed not many years back. For courtesy reasons I will be referring to them, if any at all, as the "Divisible by Zero" faction. If only we knew what forces motivate the "Divisible by Zero" group into their utopian behavior, we could mimic it and finally accomplish world peace.

Another group, that actually exists, can be characterized by their tendency to struggle for every percentage point that they so clearly earned. Their academics are there life, and to most it evaluates how successful they are. Characteristically, they have their online grades bookmarked on any gadget with an internet connection, and will verify if their test scores are in during the passing time between classes. Commonly, when caught snooping around with their phones, teachers accuse them of texting, they take responsibility and beg for forgiveness. Though, in actuality, they were glancing at their grades and plainly did not have the courage to confess! The most suitable title for these students would be the "Fives," because that is the score they will obtain on all of their AP tests. To determine whether or not someone is a five, one must observe for their Princeton Review book at their sides, in other words, their bibles.

Not unlike the "Fives" are the "Kappa Sigmas". Each and every one of their motives is directed at going to the world's most esteemed universities, and this is quite evident once you see their agendas. To confirm if a student is a "Kappa Sigma," one can make the following index: every possible AP classes undertaken, occupied in every extracurricular activity, and deficient in nutrients. Once the list is complete, you many check off each entry. School is virtually a second home for them; they will be the earliest to arrive on campus and the very last to depart. As expected, "Kappa Sigmas" take a good portion, if not all, of their AP courses for the weighted GPA, and they are inclined to have matching track records with the "Fives." The majority of the other groups are prone to have feelings of discouragement when basking at the glory of a "Kappa Sigma's" advanced portfolio.

The clan that contends with the "Fives" and "Kappa Sigmas" is referred to as "Acquired Tastes". This group will take perhaps one or two AP classes, and believe that they are on track to Harvard. Though, they exploit the single AP class they are in as a justification for not doing so well in their other courses. To essentially every AP student the "Acquired Tastes" are easy to spot. After being with familiar faces for the course of four years, the "Acquired Tastes" tend to stand out from all of your fellow brethren.

During school hours I personally desire to be around the "Jocks." They regularly alleviate the stress packed classrooms with their sporty charisma, and are constantly joyful. In spite of these characteristics, they are still diligent AP kids, and are unexpectedly intellectual. The clich├ęd television stereotype that exhibits "Jocks" as below par citizens does not relate in the AP world. "Jocks" also have benefits that permit them to associate their academic mishaps with their demanding sports life. Rightfully so, I might add, it is remarkable that they are capable of doing anything when football or basketball practice concludes at around nine o'clock every night! The "Jocks" really present the "Advanced Procrastinators" with a ghastly reputation. They are noble motivators, bearing in mind they are the most concerned, but complain the least. They make me believe that I can balance even the work associated with a doctorate degree, which is in contrast to some of the more despicably careless groups.

AP students usually have a good name, but there are those who tarnish some of stature. They are always asked why they are even in the class they are in, if they are not going to even attempt to do anything. They state back, in simple terms, "I don't know." These unfortunate multiples fit in to the "Early Morning Society." They are situated every morning in the library assembled next to each other, with their faces in their books, and hands working diligently to duplicate the homework that is due when the bell rings. Also, they tend to sit in the back of their classrooms to evade getting caught copying someone else's work. They are con artists in the making. Their backpacks give off the impression that they have tons of work, but when the insides are searched all that is revealed are idle notebooks and the Sparknote's translations of every book that will be read throughout the year. They even go as far as to create online groups that post links to work packet answers. No one is fond of the "Early Morning Society;" they do not accomplish anything and obtain the same recognition as those who do.

Advanced Placement students are not limited to this, and can also be hybrids of various groups and mind sets. I personally regard myself as a mixture of the "Fives" and the "Advanced Procrastinators." It is the connections of all of these groups that makes it meaningful to be an Advanced Placement student.

The author's comments:
This is just how I would classify my fellow AP peers.

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