The Little Heart

December 1, 2011
By InsideOut21 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
InsideOut21 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Wandering carelessly through the days, a little heart, young and innocent, lives her life. Unaware of the approaching pain, ruthless and heartless. Darkness closes in, temptation overwhelms the power of the little heart, young and innocent, she is lifted up on high.
This little heart flying on high, confuses the presence of darkness, for completeness. The little heart wanting to love, but more to be loved. Flying on high, flying on high, that little heart, young and not so innocent.
Flying, falling, falling, desperately chasing after that feeling of completeness, down, down, with the darkness she falls, following, helpless. Searching, wanting that love she knew, she thought she had known. Searching, aging, that little heart, not so young and not so innocent, lays itself down, waiting to be found.
Waiting, numb, that heart loses feeling of the dark world around her. Broken, that little heart begins to crack, crack into the pieces. What were you thinking? You’re not worth anything, they whisper. Those pieces sit, waiting to be found. That little broken heart, older and not so innocent, closes her little, tear filled eyes.
Through those little tear-stained eyelids, that little heart sees flickers in the darkness. A glimmer of life, but there was no reason to hope left in that little broken heart. She lay there broken, broken into pieces, waiting for her time to disappear. Numb and done, she waits, that little broken heart, old and not so innocent.
Numb and done, that little broken heart lays, waiting. Blinding, flames of light cover the pieces of that little broken heart, a light unwelcome in the world of darkness. The light moves, searching and prying at the walls built up around the little broken heart, the walls of darkness losing strength. That little broken heart, old and not so innocent, lays in pure terror of this light, as it begins to tear down its only defense, which had held for so long.
The little broken heart shivers with the terror of a light, of a glory, more than she had ever known. The walls of darkness surrounding her fall suddenly, exposing the little broken heart to magnitude of this overwhelming light of glory, of love. Blinded and struggling to understand, the little broken heart, old and not so innocent, sits, still waiting for the light to disappear, just as everything else had.
The light persists with its brilliance, unchanging, unceasing. The light creeps in between the pieces, breaking even more than their already mangled state. Opening up pain that had once had scarred over with numbness, the little hearts cries out as she is forced to revisit her lost nightmares. Wondering if the light will ever leave, the little broken heart, old and not so innocent, lies.
The light continues to move, prying into the deepest and darkest areas, it breaks and searches, and moves and breaks. All this time the little broken heart lays crying out, hurting, but not alone. I am with you, she feels the presence of something stronger and more awesome than the presence of darkness she had once, long ago, held so dear. The little broken heart, old and not so innocent, is filled with the fear of something greater than she had ever known.

The pain of breaking begins to slow. Expecting the light to disappear now, the little broken heart’s secret hope is slipping, being pulled back into the darkness. But the light stays, beautiful and radiant, unceasing and unchanging. The continuity of the light builds the little heart hope, replacing all the pieces taken into the darkness and adding more and more everyday. The little, changing, broken heart, old and not so innocent, gains strength from the hope the light has brought it.

The pain stops. The strength and glory of the light brings the pieces something they had not felt before. Love, a real love, different from what the presence of darkness had once brought it. The little changing, broken heart, old and not so innocent, begins, cautiously, to accept the love of the light.

With the acceptance of the light’s love, the little broken heart began to feel a feeling of completeness. The light brings the little broken pieces together, sealing them with its glory. The pieces are brought together, molded back to their original shape, but this little heart is not the same heart she once was. Changed and loved from the inside out, the little, not so broken, heart, being renewed, but not so innocent, lies still, cautious, but fully consumed in the love the light has brought it.

The little, not so broken heart, is complete, radiating the glory of the light from her inside out, creating a new, beautiful heart. With this hope and strength and love of the light, the little broken heart begins to soar, soar on wings like eagles. The little, healed heart hands over the last of the pain in her and feels a rush of grace sweep through the cracks filled with the light’s glory. The little, healed heart, renewed and forgiven, begins to see the light of the world around it.

The little, healed heart stands solidly, on the rock of the light, unable to be moved. The little, healed heart becomes aware, even in His world of light, there are still other hearts, broken and lost, numb, waiting to disappear, just as it had once been. With the strength of glory and grace, the little, healed heart, renewed and forgiven, begins to bring the light to those other little broken hearts.

The little, healed heart shines the brilliance of the light through the cracks of its once broken body, creating a beautiful mosaic. She shines the light and is unable to be moved from the rock on which she stands. The little heart becomes aware of its own true beauty and, is not only able to accept the love of the light, but of its own self. The little, healed heart, renewed and forgiven, understands the beauty of real, true love.

While the little, healed heart is cautious, she still gets tempted into darkness at times. But now, when the heart feels the dark world closing in, she is able to run back to powerful arms of the light and become stable again. The little, healed heart, renewed and forgiven, has found a home.

One day, that little, healed heart will find another heart. That other heart will shine the same light the little, healed heart is filled with. This other heart may have been broken in the past but made new by the light, like she had, or maybe he had never been broken and had always shone this powerful light. But either way the little, healed heart will one day stand next to that other heart with pride, and he next to her with humbleness, no matter what their condition or past, because they love each another and together they will shine the true brilliance of that light that fills them both. The light that had come into the darkness and healed the little, broken heart, making it complete and better than she once was. And when that day comes, that little, healed heart, renewed and forgiven, will truly love and be loved by a handsome, strong heart and that little healed, heart will be complete.

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