The Best Teacher Ever!

December 1, 2011
By Ashly15 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Ashly15 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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It was the end of last year during Ms. Davisson’s class. My favorite class and my favorite teacher! We were presenting our final speeches. Everyone had to explain how to do a talent of theirs. Up next was Cole Zimmerman, and his speech was about wrestling. He was showing us what his wrestling shoes look like. Out of no where Ms. Davisson shot up and asked if she could try them on. Once Ms. Davisson got them on she crouched down into a wrestlers stance. She then told Cole, “Let’s wrestle!” At first Cole said no, so Ms. Davisson asked “What your scared to fight a girl?” All he could do was smirk. The fight was on! For about two to three minutes Cole and Ms. Davisson were actually wrestling! Nobody expected them to actually do it. Who would have thought! It was crazy! For me, Ms. Davisson was that teacher that made me want to stay in class all day. She was fun but also was giving homework and assignments to keep us on task. Everyday I looked forward to her class! Overall Ms. Davisson is the ideal teacher for me. She was helpful, calm, and caring.
Having a teacher that is helpful makes all of the difference, especially when they are easy to talk too. When we are able to ask a question and they answer it the best way they can, that makes us feel like we can ask a million questions. An outgoing teacher is someone who makes everything ten times more exciting and easier. Explaining things can also help by a long shot. If our teachers explain things thoroughly, it makes the assignment a lot easier. That’s why I like a teacher who explains things to a certain extent. Calm is most important after helpful.
Say someone asks a teacher if they can change an assignment just a little bit. If the teacher says yes, everyone will work harder, right? When a teacher is calm and will listen to everyone, we will definitely try harder. If we like to sit on the floor and read for awhile, it will be easier to go through the day. Instead of being cramped in a desk, that perfect teacher will let you stand, lay, or sit. A teacher that isn’t constantly yelling but not completely careless will get a lot more respect. I understand that teachers need to be heard. If they are able to find a better way then yelling, I feel they will receive more respect. After calm, caring is definitely next on my list.
Teachers that care about your learning habits are my favorite. A teacher that will let everyone choose between power point, essay, or pamphlet is someone who not only does it to be nice, but does it because they care. They care about how us, as individuals, like to learn and not how they would like to teach. Teachers can tell when you are acting strange. Sometimes we have bad days. Not only friends notice, teachers do to. When they are willing to ask us about what’s going on, it shows they care. They aren't trying to be weird, just caring. Suddenly our grade drops and that teacher lets us know. Then they talk to us about why it went down and how we will fix it. They don’t want us to fail, they want us to learn from our mistakes and improve. All they want is for us to succeed, and to move on to bigger and better things. All of these things combined together, along with some other things, make the ideal teacher for me.
Helpful, calm, and caring are all important characteristics of teachers. Some teachers aren’t all of these things, but there is always that one teacher that is so awesome! Someone that is in a way, like a friend. If we didn’t have that teacher that makes everything more exciting, how long would you like to sit in a class room? I know I wouldn’t be able to stand it very long. So, in the end, who won the fight? To tell the truth, there wasn’t a winner. Depending on who we ask, we will receive different opinions. As for myself, I view it as a tie. Still it was one of the many reasons why Ms. Davisson was and still is my favorite teacher! When one thinks about it, how many teachers in your normal day, would start randomly wrestling with a student?

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