December 1, 2011
By Madeline Moskal GOLD, Dennison, Minnesota
Madeline Moskal GOLD, Dennison, Minnesota
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One night I was babysitting for a six month old named Olivia. I was giving Olivia her bottle. All of a sudden I felt something warm on my leg, so I looked down and I saw poop on my leg. Later that night her mother was bringing me home. She told me I was the first person Olivia has pooped on. Just something about that made me feel like Olivia wanted to remember me. She knew who I was. That’s why she did it. What she has taught me , what she taught me is important, and how that all affects my life.

Olivia has taught me so much. Sometimes people don’t get to do everything they want. Whether they have to say no to plans with friends or even family for some reason you may have. Since she’s only six months old, she needs a lot of attention. Instead of texting, talking on the phone or watching TV, she wants someone’s full attention on her. If that’s not the case then she just might scream her lungs out till she knows that your full attention is on her and nothing else. Olivia has priorities like naptime, playtime, or dinner time. Like Olivia school has priorities. Finishing your homework on time, don’t be late to class and always be prepared are just a few priorities.

What she has taught is important and this is why. Over the months Olivia has taught me so much. About how if you don’t get food to her in time she cries till she gets it. She also taught me about priorities with kids is they come first before anything. That can be compared to school, it can be hard to make friends or pass a class. Olivia is a very smiley baby; she can put a smile on anyone’s face. She will also smile at just about anyone that can make her smile. If Olivia smiles it just make your day just as it makes mine.

This is how her importance affected me, Every time I see her she brightness my mood and brings a smile to my face. When she’s gone, I still have that smile on my face. Every time I have to say good-bye, I can’t wait to see her again. When I see Olivia and her mom together I get a warm feeling inside of me. But when a mother holds her child, it’s hard not to smile.

What she has taught me had an importance that had affect on me. The person that changed my life is Olivia. She is a six month old with a powerful voice. If someone as young as Olivia brightens their mood or even their day. Remember what the little ones teach us is important and how the important stuff can affect us in our daily lives.

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