January 5, 2012
You see all the cops, the lights, the sirens the hurt feeling I saw in your eyes, the news, and the boys with big hearts... Gone...

I got home from school one day and my mom had told me that two boys got in a head-on ATV accident. One boy died instantly and one was in a very bad stat. She said both were from North Cedar. The minute I heard North Cedar. I stopped. I could feel myself shaking from the tips of my fingers to the bottom of my toes. I thought about Sadie. I really didn’t know her that much but, I did know her enough to know who she was.
I just never was around her very much. I knew that on her Facebook statues were “Going ATVing with Jace and Aaron. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t speak. I had to talk to Sadie/ She was hurt but, not badly. She told me her collar bone was broken but. That didn’t matter. She told me that Jace was gone. The minute she told me I felt my heart skip like a CD with tons of little scratches.
I needed to get to her house fast. When I got there, I sat there with her looking at all the picture she had Jace. Even though I really didn’t know him it was still sad to look and realize he was gone and never coming back. The football team loved him. Everyone knew he had a huge heart. She then started talking about Aaron how he had gotten better then took a turn for the worse.
He now had 1% to live and she had no idea now she was going to live with the fact. That Aaron was going to be out of her life. She kept telling me over and over that I told them they could have just came to my house and watch movies. But, they wanted to do something fun. Sadie said it was all fun and games till they had little too much fun. With a blink of an eye. Jace was gone. Weeks went by, days dragged on people waited, cried and waited some more, till it was the end.
Aaron was gone too with Jace also. I always kept telling Sadie I always told her we had two lovely angels watching from above. Weeks later they had got bracelets made for Aaron and Jace in their memory. Homecoming week came for North Cedar and everyone was expecting Sadie and Aaron to be king and queen. But, when the time came Sadie ending being queen and brad some guy from her school became king. Sadie told everyone in her heart Aaron would always be her king. No matter what

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