January 4, 2012
By Anonymous

We were driving down the road, when the song came on. For some reason the song held almost a million memories. Probably because the lifeguards at Fox Run always have it on the country music station. The memories came flooding back.

My best friend Spencer and I were sitting by the pool-the same place we both first met when we were five-when adult swim was called. The ten minutes seemed like ten hours in the blazing summer sun. We waited a few minutes until we would dry off, then we would go to the clubhouse. We always got the same thing-peanut butter m&ms and red Gatorade. We would always hope Matt (our crush since fifth grade) would be there. Unfortunately, he was usually playing golf.
Eventually, when we would return from the clubhouse, all the kids would be in the pool, and that indicated that adult swim was over. We would get back to where our moms would sit, put our stuff down, and make our ways to the pool. We would act as if the water was too cold, we would freeze to death.

Sometimes the lifeguards would play a ball game in the pool. We would always dare each other to go ask if one of us could play, but we never would.

Eventually the song was over and the commercials came on. For a brief minute, I remembered all the perks of summer. I just couldn’t wait for the next one!

The author's comments:
This piec was written because summer is my favorite time of the year and I love remembering the fun times I had with my friends.

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