January 4, 2012
By k.wood BRONZE, Dummerston, Vermont
k.wood BRONZE, Dummerston, Vermont
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“Come on! It will be so much fun, and no one will find out.” She looked at me with pleading eyes. I had kept refusing to go but she was finally getting to me.

“Oh alright, but if we get caught, I’m dead.” I reluctantly agreed, knowing that my parents would absolutely kill me if they knew our plans.

“We won’t get caught, so you’re fine!” I tried to swallow, wishing I had the courage of my friends.

Several hours later, we started securing the house for our departure. We casually left our shoes and flashlights by the front door, and left the music going loudly upstairs. Half hour after the downstairs bedroom light and TV shut off, we slowly cracked the door and stood on the deck. We crawled on our stomachs underneath the window to the edge of the porch, just in case he was still awake and would see our shadows. Once we passed the window, we stood up and jumped off the deck and headed down the hill towards our destination. Once we got far enough away from the house, the three of us started giggling uncontrollably. Here it was, eleven at night, and we had just left the house, unknown. The walk down the windy dirt road was scary, but we knew the boys were waiting at the bottom for us.

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