December 20, 2011
By iWriter365 BRONZE, College Park , Maryland
iWriter365 BRONZE, College Park , Maryland
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I listened to the woman's soft, still voice. She spoke slowly, and her voice was low. I listened to her carefully, I concentrated. Her words echoed in my mind, "Breath deeply, as I count down to one-" Slowly, I became nauseated, my eyes became heavy, my head hung over, and my chin touched my chest lightly. Her words became, stronger and stronger. First it was blackness, then my mind filled with, white shapes. Then I saw a red line forming across the blackness. A prickly, warm feeling, filled my cheeks and above my eyes. My heart was beating fast. Green spirals made me feel dead and puppet like. I felt myself loosing consciousness, I slipped back in my chair, my eyes felt glued shut. By now, I was completely dazed. The woman's voice became faded, then suddenly, "One, now you are in a paradise, you can lean back, or you can get up and discover. Walk around, feel the things around you-" With out hesitation, I got up, and step by step, I did what she said in order, lucky for me, she had told me the exact right things to do, I was walking with out bumping into things, my muscles felt numb and weak. I quickly sat back down, as I realized I was waking up. I sat back down, and what felt like hours, my body seemed to drift away. My heart was racing, it was pounding against my chest, as if it wanted to escape! Then it quickly slowed down. My eyes opened slowly, first everything was green, then red, then it was faded, then it was normal. The woman stopped speaking, as soon as she stopped, I was wide awake. However, completely relaxed. Not a worry in my mind. It was as if, my worries, and my stress, was on a piece of paper, and then it dissolved in millions of pieces. For the first time, I was completely relaxed.

The author's comments:
I was inspired when I got an app on my itouch, it was supposed to "relax" me, this is how it felt.

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