The unknown summer

January 2, 2012
"Are you sure?" three words that have changed me for life.

I was an awkward girl and had struggled in the town I grew up in to make all the friends that I had. My mother had an adventurous itch.
She approached me one day and said,
"We are going to move. We are going to live in a trailer and drive up and down the west coast of North America." She was proud of herself for this idea. I was afraid.
We lived in that trailer for three months. My mother, step-father, and my brother. Each night I slept on the hard plastic back seat of my mother's car that towed along our trailer from the 80's.
Every night I asked myself where we would be next and wondered what we would have to eat, my family is not the wealthiest.

Then one day we parked outside of a small house in the redwoods of California. In the town that I had been born and I was told it would be our new home until we could find a place there to rent.
The next day I looked for a social atmosphere to attempt to make friends. I found a small recreational center down town. Then for about two weeks I sat awkwardly in a corner on a chair simply watching the teenagers that came and went.
Then one day there was him, well it had been a few days that I saw him, but it was this day that we spoke.
"Hi" I said.
He glanced and nodded his head in reply. I tried to carry on.
"My name is Raven, I'm from Hawaii." That always seems to get a persons attention. something about the idea of a tropical land makes the person from there suddenly very interesting.
And from there he and I began to speak. Then my carriage began to revert to a pumpkin.
"I have to go catch my bus." I said. It was our third day in a row meeting up there and just talking. I would have been able to stay for far longer if I wasn't still living in the small home in the redwoods, a 45 minute bus ride away.
"Can I walk you there?" he asked.
"Please." was my reply.
We spoke about horror movies as we walked. I told him he had to come see the newest one that was coming out, he had to see it with me. And as we waited for my bus he looked at me and asked,
"Would you like to make that movie a date?"
I was elated.
"Yes." I said.
"Are you sure?" that was the first time he asked me that.

A week later we walked down the street hand in hand. We walked up the front walk to his home and through the dark green door. I remember the house because his Father was an artist and there were paintings everywhere. I didn't have to long to look around though because then he kissed me.
And a few days later we had moved from kissing in the threshold of his home, to the sheets of his bed. And one day as I moved into his chest to cuddle he said.
"I love you."
"Are you sure?" I asked him as I looked up to find his eyes.
"Eighty-three percent." He grinned. And I kissed us upturned lips, but I did not say it back.

Not until a month later when I had run to his house from the bus stop in the poring rain. He had text ed me saying he wasn't feeling well, and by that time I had fallen in love with him as well. I wanted to be sure he was okay.
He opened the door in a black T-shirt and gray sweat pants, he was smiling. The house was empty of breathe but for the two of us.
"I need to shower he said."
And as he did I sat on the top of the toilet in his bathroom and we talked. I remember that at the time every word we exchanged had me falling deeper into my love haze.
Then when I heard the water turn off, my shy ways told me to leave the bathroom before he opened the fogged glass doors of his shower.
I walked into his room and turned on music, Kings of Leon, I will never forget that fact. I looked at his bed, it was a tempting place just a serta mattress on the bedroom floor of a teenage boy. I fell onto it in a ditzy tired haze, and a few moments later I felt his weight on the bed beside me.
I looked up at his wet curly hair falling into his pale smiling face. I kissed the lips which were then claimed as mine. And suprising even myself I whispered.
"I'm ready."
"Are you Sure?"
And with my one worded reply, I was then forever a different person. All because of three word whispered in an unknown summer.

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