Almost Lost Love

January 1, 2012
I sit in his grey, cross-stitched chair waiting for a response from the goldmine of found messages in his phone. Frank Sinatra plays softly in the background as I lose patience and prepare myself to leave forever. I stand abruptly and move for the threshold closest to me.
He stands quickly grasping my forearm as to never let go. I turn back and look at his blue, remorseful eyes but pay no attention. I try to get free to enter onto the dimly lit street but all he repeats is “Wait. Wait. Wait.” I try another time but fail. He pulls me into him but I push away with my one useful hand and say” You chose her. It’s okay, she’s prettier and better all around; have her.”
His freckled nose cringes at this and grasps my forearm even tighter. He replies” No. No I don’t. I want you and I just can’t lose you.” I smirk fully disbelieving his response and try once more to pull from his grasp and I succeed. I march out onto the front step before he swings around me picking me up. He carries me back through the threshold. He carries me through the m&m candy decorated living room, through the hallway of martial arts awards, and into his room.
I kick and thrash the entire way attempting to get loose and leave. We enter into his clustered room, but on the way in I thrash too much and hit my elbow on the latch in the door. He sets me down on his scratched wood floor. I rub my damaged elbow as he shuts the door. He turns around towards me and I almost shout” You chose to cheat. She ruined us. You ruined us.”
He runs his hands through his chestnut colored hair and begins to do the one thing I never thought I’d see him do. He starts to shed tears. My only thought is to grab him and encompass him. I turn this thought into action as he nuzzles his head into my sweet, tropical-scented neck. I move my chocolate brown colored hair off to one side as to get comfortable.
He whispers just loud enough for me to hear and says” Please don’t go you’re the only one I want. I want you for as long as I live.” I pull away and look at him with my red-face so surprised. He looks up with tear-dripping eyes and pulls me in even closer. He kisses me. The feeling of his lips touching mine fills my body with the attention, the love, and the thought of perfection I’ve always wanted.
He guides me to his pinstripe linen bed and we sit holding each other. I look over at him with my hazel eyes and say” She will ever come between us again.” He shakes his head and concludes saying” no she won’t. You are mine and she’s nothing.” We both smile and lay in his bed until morning, watching the sun rise over his white paint-chipped window. I slowly doze off into an even perfect dream world where no girl is between us, no love is lost.

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