-What is really the meaning of life

November 12, 2011
By , middletown, CT
Well everyone has a different definition of what the true meaning of life to me, in my mind your life is everyone everything around you. The struggles the experiences the things you see as you get older. I see differently than anyone else. I see the world as my miracle waiting to happen yea it’s not the best at the moment but why not live it to the fullest. I have to oputunity to do everything so why not just do that. They say anything you imagine can come true. Yes I do believe, because in my mind nothing is impossible as long as you have who you need. Actually that’s what it is thinking that you have to have someone standing next to you, I as a person I honestly look at three people that will be there for me no matter how many mistakes I make my Mother, My Brother My Best friend And my friends that stand by me (S.W; B.G; T.G; A.C; J.B: D.C)

I grew up on a green land with beautiful people and a bright warm sun beating down on the precious skins of gold. Surrounded by water the beautiful beaches are never too far to go have a swim. The music left my thinking, day dreaming it puts me in the most fantastic mood that can never disappears. That’s one thing I can’t live without the music of the island “One Love”. The blood tears struggles happiness sadness that happened there will never disappear from my mind.
Even though I was young when I use to live on the island memories still wonder in my mind. I have 2 brothers, one past away a miracle that I would love to happen be just for me to meet him but that life right? Things happen & I have one beautiful sister. Two wonderful cousins I grew up with, as young as I was I would of never though that we would ever part, or is it just I was young and stupid. We use to run around play house. The best part was we use to always make our own swing set I sit here thinking about these times wishing they can just come back for just a moment. But life goes on.
Life was hard for mommy I didn’t realize it because I was young. And when you’re young all you have inside was happiness. Well in my mind the place I call my home I always say I never got to really meet my mom until maybe around the age of maybe three. The reason I say this is because she went to make a better life for my brother sister & I. I can imagine the struggles she went through for us to leave her home country and go to somewhere totally different. One of the happiest moments of my life was when I mommy came and she finally said I could come with her. I use to always dream of the place to be perfect no imperfections everything is good never bad. No sadness just happiness, the loneliness just love the surrounded everyone’s soul. It was a big ice land with perfection, but at the time you have to remember I was a child. When I think back I really think of the impossible.

I remember the day I stepped off the plane like it was just a second ago. I was all smiles I loved the ride I was ready to see with my own two eyes what I been missing out on. As I step out I felt the cold swift of wind I never felt before I looked around people here and there rushing. All I could think about was that I’m finally going to wake up to the face of my beautiful mommy. You herd music all around the laughter of people car horns beeping babies crying, sales men yelling, people walking, footsteps getting closer and closer. Everywhere you walked there’s a different smell I never said it was always a great smell. We lived in the big city called New York City & how I seen this one. Dreams that can come true, what can I say I believe and I will never stop believing.

We moved about two times maybe three times can’t say i loved it but we finally settled down. I grew older and finally realized what kind of world I was living in. Nothings perfect but there is something called imperfection and I was look straight at it, the thing we called life. We been through a lot we had the most important thing which was happiness of course. My life was like a rollercoaster and everyone was on this ride with me my family & friends. My family was like no other or maybe it was just how I seen things, Mommy wasn’t really home as much as I wanted her to be. But it was because she was working for me to have shelter and food. I didn’t love the idea of it but I had to go with it because that’s life. I didn’t get as a close relationship to my mom as I wanted to so when she’s home I try my best to tell her everything. When she’s not home I’m with my sister the one I call evil but I love having her around. We had our ups and downs just like every siblings. I as an person an human being I think too much I’m sitting in a room wondering how can I get the type of relationship with everyone in my house. It’s like everyone is living in a separate house we only come together when we are in need of something.

I am a teenager that thinks beyond this world, that no one can ever understand because that’s who I am. Every day I wake up the first question is what is life there’s many reason but it has to come from the heart. . People might look at me and judge me by just seeing my face. They might say she’s pretty or shes ugly, she rich or she’s poor. But at the end of the day they will never know the truth even if you talk to me you will never know or understand the life I live. I’m not saying I have the worst life because I don’t I have God on my side & when he here nothing ever wrong. I as an individual everyone has a different type of life & each and every person see life in a different ways that’s why no one will ever understand the perspective of others life.

Struggles are not the greatest things but I learned from them from I was an child I been through a lot but now I know where to turn I’m still young & guarantee Ill make many more mistakes in life but their life lessons to me & I’m going to enjoy them as they last tomorrow will always be a better day . All might not be well but when you have family and friends that cares and love for you that are really all you need.
One thing I know about family is no matter what happens they will always be there, when everyone disappears because you have nothing family is there. The reason why I know this is because my family went through it when the bad came over us everyone who said they will stick by her side the all just vanished. Then a question I asked myself is money really everything? Really what is everything? No one knows we just want the finer things in life and live with no regrets but its reality. That’s not the kind of world we live in. What happens when the bad is gone and there’s only good with the precious thing we call money? Everyone just appears right.

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