The Power of Twitter

December 20, 2011
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My brother, now 21, is in the marketing/ advertising industry. The only reason why he has three interviews at three different companies this week is Twitter. Twitter helped him go from a nobody to a somebody. People were interested in what he had to say; whether it was just an interesting article he had found or if it was a new blog post he wrote. However, it wasn’t easy for him to get to where he is now. He used Twitter 24/7, scheduling tweets to be tweeted even when he was sleeping. You could say that he was a twitterholic.

One of my main focuses in my life right now is DJing. My brother, knowing how motivated I am to become a top DJ, has gotten me started on Twitter. On a normal school day, I will have two or three tweets. On the weekend, I will tweet around six or seven times a day. It does not interfere with school, and if it ever does, I will know when to stop.

I am not using Twitter to socialize with friends. It is a way for me to get my mixes out there. Currently, I have a little over thirty followers. So whenever I post a new mix, I tweet the link to it, and my followers click on the link. It is a simple yet powerful process.

I am proving how social networking is such a good way to get noticed. These days, you just aren’t going to get the exposure you want by telling your friends about your content verbally. I’m sure that plenty of you reading this have thoughts of getting into the music production business; and to those of you who are, you should open a Twitter account tonight. It doesn’t matter if you have content or not. It matters that you are getting your feet wet in the field.

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