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December 19, 2011
By ashrafchy999 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
ashrafchy999 BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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When I go to school, I think about friends, fun, and definitely not work and I'm sure you do to. I go to a class and I talk to people but the strange thing is that the person I'm talking to most of the time talks to me for a couple of minutes. He/she then talks to another person and this has been happening a lot. I have just noticed this today and see something that should not be carried out anymore. What I'm basically getting at is that there is too much diversity around or at least my school. We may talk to each other but everyone does to get benefits out of each other like, "Can I see your homework?" or "I don't understand this? Can I see your paper?". Don't say you don't do that because all or most people do that.

What do you guys see when you walk into an area where there is a lot of people just socializing and doing nothing group activity such as a cafeteria or even a fast food place? What I see is first of all, a lot of loud noise coming from one area, some places are just so quiet, and most are trying to talk to each other trying not to be too loud and talking loud enough to hear each other. If you look closely, you will see that most people with a black background or ethnicity are loud screaming out names or talking extremely loud which is not bad but sometimes gives you a headache. I don't mean to be rude but a whole bunch of people of the same color speaking the same way from one specific area is so annoying. It's good to be loud but not that loud.

Then there is people that are considered 'uncool' who are not actually uncool but just keep everything to themselves and do not have a chance to express themselves as much as others do. They have a lot of potential and the on;y time it is seen most of the time is when awards are being handed out or their recognized just so their work can be copied. I am not 'cool' as some say which I think of as talking too, always trying to get noticed, and thinking that doing something stupid will make them noticed but I am not also 'uncool' so you could say that I don't want to fit in but sometimes it seems like I'm in a virtual group. Some might say, what is he saying but I believe that I should be able to talk to anyone and everyone.

I am basically saying that there is too much separation in my school where it seems like some have put a mental border in their head. I can't to this guy because the other guy with more friends will not talk to me and so forth. An example of this happening personally is in school where someone talked to me in class asking for help, talking to me, and even defending me when someone else tried saying something to me which I didn't mind. Later that same day and I believe the period right after the previous one, I saw the person and said, "What's up -----" but he did not reply for one reason that I now see why. He had many of his friends near him of his own race and the ironic thing is that he comes to me five minutes later and asks for my homework for another class.

There is one simple point I am trying to emphasize which is, say no to diversity. I don't want people to be peer-pressured to do anything but I also don't want you so far away from the world that you are on your own in a different planet. I just want people to be together. I see six different people who can make a joke in an instant but stay together all the time. If all six of you were to spread out, don't you think you would make a group of people happy and you get the satisfaction of knowing you not doing something wrong. I do not mean to be racist but I always see that all black, Mexican, White, and Asians stick together like their in some type of gang but there is no point of this because America is a country with so many cultures and groups which is a huge benefit to all. You could talk to one another and ask about their traditions, food types, way of life, and thoughts on everything so you are very lucky to be born here because not everybody get to see or know the world first-hand. I am an Muslim male who is from United Arab Emirates but there has been barely anybody who asked me about what I eat or my lifestyle and I don't see a person who is from United Arab Emirates often so I don't know if others know about other cultures already or don't care.

The author's comments:
I hope everyone will have a better understanding about general diversity and how it effects everything around us.

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