December 18, 2011
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Sometimes I wonder about you. Actually I always wonder about you. I wonder what you’re doing, who you’re with, how you feel, and who and what you’re thinking about. Of course after wondering who you’re thinking about, I wish it was me, though I know, it never will be. There was a time when it might have been me, but now the probability is one out of all the millions of stars. The stars… The lights that shine bright even through the darkest of nights. I think that the amount of tears I’ve shed can compete with the stars. My dream is to be able to visit the roof of the school and lie on the cool concrete and watch the stars. Maybe for once in my life the stars will shine on me and I will be the center of my stage, my life. The stars are the dreams of every person, limitless and infinite. One day soon my dream will be shining in the midnight sky, brighter than the others and free from gravity and the black hole that always threatens to consume me.

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