What is Life?

December 18, 2011
By Andromeda GOLD, Wichita Falls, Texas
Andromeda GOLD, Wichita Falls, Texas
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Life… What is it? Honestly I don’t think anyone knows and even if dictionaries have the definition they’re just b.s.ing. Life is a question mark, and uncontrollable, complicated mess if people and events. Impossible to untangle and figure out, but fun to play with until it gets too hard and you get tired and you just stop trying. There are so many components to life, friends, school, and especially love. So think of life as a gift factory. Obviously you’re the gift inside of the box; and depending on which what you have on the inside you get some wrapping paper, which are your looks, all superficial of course. The important stuff’s on the inside. And depending how strong or fragile the gifts are determines “stability and security”. If you get stuck on the weird machine, also known as your family, then that affects the appearance of the paper, and the condition and fragility of the insides, if you get bumped around a lot you’re stronger, with more duct tape (LH) and extra paper to ensure that it stays together. If you get the smooth new machine, all you get is the one thin layer. So you go though the bumpy or smooth ride and joy, here comes love, which is the distinctive bow you get if you’re lucky. Have you ever seen those commercials with little kids ripping open wrapping paper? Yeah all those boys want the pretty ones, the easy ones to rip open and the other ones are left. But sooner or later they get curious and they want the beat up presents, but we’re too hard to open so they give up, or they become more determined for pride’s sake. Eventually all you have left are some destructive and bored boys and the presents have been ripped up, torn, and totally trashed. Our hearts and insides have literally been ripped out. Some of us are just too unique on the inside and out to find our bow. Some guys just want presents with other bows, hence man hoes. Some just want all the pretty decorations, hence girl hoes. Some like the outsides and search the insides and change their minds. So they take our hearts and leave the bow, wrapping paper, and box in ruins. They rip out our hearts.

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