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December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

My doctor diagnosed me with Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder midway through my first grade year, when my teacher Mrs. Adams suggested to my parents to get me tested, because I struggled to concentrate in class. The major issue associated with ADHD is an inability to concentrate. Even with medication I still exhibit forgetfulness; I struggle to motivate myself to do even small things; I possess poor organization habits; and I struggle with time management. People unaware about my deficiency explain my actions as lazy, but they regret to bear in mind that it takes me twice as much effort and time as a normal person to complete everyday tasks. I consider ADHD an unrelenting struggle in my life.

If given the opportunity to receive an intangible gift, the gift of concentration offers endless possibilities. With natural concentration I would grasp the ability to handle one task without a distraction from the thousands of over thoughts that constantly run through my mind. Concentration proves the perfect cure to my ADHD in allowing me to finish my homework every night without procrastination and need of breaks.

Concentration might help overcome my forgetfulness and improve my memory. Unlike medication, concentration comes without any side effects. Most of my ADHD symptoms I overcame through the years with enough effort and self-control. The major two I managed to defeat; talkativeness and impulsiveness. Unfortunately the one symptom I never vanquished, and the same one I still struggle with day to day; concentration.

Over the years, my doctor prescribed me close to six different kinds of ADHD medications in hopes of finding one without any unwanted side effects. With every medication comes side effects, and sometimes the negative side effects completely out weigh the desired ones. One medication I took came in the form of a patch that when removed, left huge red welt marks on my back that lasted for days along with a band-aid like residue. Another kind I tried made me sleep all the time; this kind I only took for a week before switching again.

Every other medication I tried all show the same bad side effects of: complete loss of appetite, irritability, dry mouth, sweating, insomnia, and lack of any emotion. Unfortunately, even with the side effects, I know I need my medicine to do well in school. After ten years of taking ADHD medication, I can no longer do homework without its’ assistance. Sometimes I go nights without sleep, days where I barely eat anything, and struggle with feelings hopelessness, but I endure it all because I am addicted to success. Either I choose to not take it and give up my grades for happiness, or I give up some of my happiness to keep good grades; both options being equally bad. I believe sparing a little bit of happiness seems like a relatively fair trade in order to maintain honors.

Concentration retains no effects other than success, which is something we all strive for in life. Out of all the intangible ideas for a gift, I cannot learn or achieve concentration over time. I lacked the ability to concentrate from the start, because I never received that ability at birth. The deficiency, Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder, simply put a name to this deficiency/shortage of concentration.

If I possessed concentration the stress of going to school with my homework half complete, tests half studied for, and papers not signed would depart. We all learn to live with the cards dealt to us in life. Even as unpleasant as some cards may seem, I know my problems are miniscule compared to some. Fortunately, my ADHD will never lead to the death of me. I will survive without the gift of concentration, and for now I hope for a brighter future where I may someday grow out of my ADHD. I can be thankful for the gifts already given to me in life, rather than dwell on my minor obstacles.

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