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December 15, 2011
By Essielong20 SILVER, Conifer, Colorado
Essielong20 SILVER, Conifer, Colorado
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Band kids aren’t weird… we just aren’t normal. Maybe it’s because we kill our brain cells out in the hot sun practicing for the show of a life time, or maybe it’s because we seem to lose our social skills because we spend so much time with the band no one else matters. Mess with one of the band; you mess with all of the band. Friendships form, as do relationships…. A lot of band kids date. It’s just how it happens. We understand each other, and we have a lot in common. Now, do not judge the band kids because I mean really, who else could wear something that ridiculous and still look sexy? All you football players, who say we are a waste of time and that bands dumb, I’d like to see you march around the field for 10 whole minuets carrying a tuba, don’t start.

There is a lot more to band then you think, I mean we are some skilled kids. Marching is not walking, it’s much harder, trust me. Marching around the field to form formations, remembering your dot and what music you’re supposed to be playing then, isn’t just a walk in the park, it’s worse than multitasking.

Funny thing about the band kids is you can tell what instrument the kid plays by their personality. Trumpets are loud and think their always the center of everything, like the world revolves around them when it really doesn’t. Low winds are really mean and think there so cool because their instrument is bigger than yours, when really all they do is make the low BAAA BAA BAA sounds that no one really notices. Horns and trombones are either quiet because they know nobody really listens to them, or tries to act important like everyone does listen to them. Flutes and piccolos are just really annoying or try to disown their section because the rest of the band hates them for their high pitched squeaky noises, even though they always have the melody and everyone who’s “normal” loves them. Clarinets are quiet and keep to themselves, usually, unless you decide to be a rebel and show off your awesomeness because you play the same instrument as squid ward. Percussion kids… ya we’ll just leave it at that.

That’s how the real world see’s us… band kids. But to us cool people, we are all a part of this really awesome thing we call “the band”. Ya you’re jealous.

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