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December 15, 2011
By , Merritt Island, FL
I was a child filled with joy and luck and I still believe I have it to this day. Although I still go through some extra struggles the average person doesn’t experience in my days, I appreciate what I’ve been through. Being born and raised on the rick, mountainous fertile land known as my home country, Germany was and still is my one and only love. Six years ago, an amazing adventure knocked on my door; I a child of nine years of age perplexed and flabbergasted reached out to open the door because of sheer curiosity. So our decision to move to the United States came underway.

I remember the predicament we faced at the beginning of our move. They were similar adversities compared to the previous moves we went through already in Germany. Our purpose for this move was strictly work-related. In the summer of 2005 during my vacation time my mother, father, and I after the complete process of boxing, wrapping and sealing our possessions, resided for about a month in a family-mid sized apartment. I believe we were awaiting conformation of furniture shipment arriving safely at the states, and finalization of our paper-work. My father was scheduled to leave for the states a week before the rest of us, so we were responsible of handling the rest of the issues.

My mother naturally became overstressed which causes her to easily frustrate over matter regardless of value or importance until they are dealt with. We gave up much for this business-related move, but the benefits were eventually bestowed upon us as I will mention later on. My father often reminded me of “how blessed we are to move to this country and of all the states especially to the state of Florida”. In the past my parents brought me to Orlando each year to visit the fun theme parks, so I had a bit of an idea of what to expect.

After that week of restless patience the three amigos were once again reunited on the lanes inside and airport, meaning my father picked us up at the airport. I set my sight on a peculiar unknown tree with spike-palmed leaves and sky which seemed to darken, precipitate water for a measly ten minutes and remarkably clear up again like nothing even happened and then I continued to observe the world around me on our way to our temporary hotel room. This indeed was the start of an intriguing adventure. Now unfortunately, in life situations require to first worsen before they show signs of improvement, and out adventure was exhibit: A of that statement. As a family-orientated person my father sunk to the depths of despair once he realized what great timing we had by experiencing our very first ever tropical hurricane, Katrina, within a few days of our arrival. He felt like he put his family in harm’s way, but the bright side was that we survived without even any cuts or bruises.

Afterwards we immediately settled in Pensacola, Florida, a foreign place where we looked forward to interacting with and understanding. The greatest changes for me were probably the language with everything being in English though it was only a minor struggle for me even though I couldn’t read or write at all in English at the time, the food I consumed was either tasteless or just far too sweet, and customs which were the natural American way. I say it took me quite a while to fit in with the crowd, but in the end I succeeded with the aura of an indomitable warrior surrounding me. School was a major concern I faced mainly because I only spoke the language, and though I admit that my folks were all on it supporting me from all sides till I could walk on my own two feet, or else I would’ve joined ESOL (Education services overseas limited) and have been branded as a “Special” child from that day on. As my mother always says “practice makes perfect”, but perfect is yet to come.

As I stated before, our movement to the U.S.A. came at a cost. The consequences were being separated from my love and family, my mother requiring to resign from her great position in the workforce, and the thought of home became saddening. I comprehend that after six years much changes and the country I last knew could be a different place now. Those are a few reasons why I presently deeply miss my home. The benefits and transformation this move has brought about me, I am exceedingly satisfied with. For instance my mannerism and personality changed based on my surroundings which were all a good influence upon me. I do plan to visit my home and maybe even go back there to settle down just to come back here for the heck of it. Right at this moment I am listening to the whispers of the salty sea while lying back amongst the marble white sand. While residing in Germany, my family and I frequently traveled to varies places that were as beautiful and gorgeous as this right in front of me for our vacation, but now we practically live it each and every single day!

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