Bart, Brandon, and the moose

December 19, 2011
Bart, Brandon, and the moose

During the summer my student ministry went to Colorado. During are free time one day some of us went on hikes up the I couldn’t my breath so my youth pastor, Bart, and a band member, Brandon, stopped and helped me. I was able to catch my so I went on. Well by this time Bart had to go back to the lodge and get ready for the service that night. They were about to the lodge when it came stumbling out of the woods a moose. Both Bart and Brandon were stunned. As Bart started to back away from it, Brandon just stood there as if he had fainted standing up. So Bart went back and pulled Brandon back from it just in case it charged them. The moose’s’ back was as tall as Bart (Bart is 5’6 – 5’7). As they were backing up the moose had turned and faced them and took a couple of steps towards them then turned and walked off. As they continued walking back to the lodge some guy had picked them up and gave them a ride back to the lodge. On the way back to the lodge the guy had told them that the moose they had ran into has been very aggressive. That night and the rest of the summer we never heard the end of the moose story. That was my interesting summer and a story that I will always recollect.

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