December 28, 2011
That's what we do. That's what we'll always do, if we decide to do something about it. The key is to write something worth reading, something fun and exiting.
We tell the story, but the reader is just along for the ride. Taking a slow long walk through the pages.
You may read a book every now and then and stop to think, "How did they come up with this? What made them write this?" the answer is only known to the writer. IF they even know.
Not all writers know where they got the story. It could have been simply because of a dream. And they turned it into something bigger and that lasts longer than a dream.
Now I'm sure your thinking, sure they just woke up one morning and decided to write a book.
But alas its true. It happened to me, so why not?
Keep writing, and when your ready do something about it. Pick a story worth to be told and take it to a literary agent and then a publisher.
Make you voice be heard.
Be determined.
And patient.

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