Collison of the Swing

December 14, 2011
By Sydney Hardison BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
Sydney Hardison BRONZE, Merritt Island, Florida
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It never failed. Everyday in kindergarten me and my two bestfriends would race to the swings as soon as the recess bell rang so we wouldnt have to wait our turn. One of the days we were swinging, just like every other day. Thirty miutes had past and my teacher blew her whistle fo us to head back inside. I hopped off my swing into the sand catching my self with my non-exsitient thigh muscles and palms making sure not to each sand for lunch. After brushing the sand off my body I turned around to see a empty swing flying directly at my face. With no reaction time it hit me dead center on my eyebrow. As the tears started to fill my eyes I saw a blury picture of what appeared to be two boys from the third grade covering their mouth and laughing to each other then run away when they noticed me looking at them. I was too worried about my face to see the damage done to my face to care about who it was who had pushed the swing into my face. To my suprise I saw a goose egg on my eyebrow gushing blood. Still to this day I vividly remeber the collision of the swing to my face.

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