My First Kiss/The Sunset Watcher

December 13, 2011
By Stella1376 BRONZE, Shelbyville, Tennessee
Stella1376 BRONZE, Shelbyville, Tennessee
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I used to sit on my back porch step and look at the sky. I would watch the sunset and admire the colors. I always wondered if someone else was looking at the same sunset as me. Maybe I would run into this person one day and we would become best friends. Maybe, if I was that lucky, we would get married. I would sit on that old porch step and dream. I would dream about moving to New York, getting my dream job, meeting the person I loved. Then reality hit me, things like that don't happen to silly, small town girls. I stopped watching the sunset after that. I stopped dreaming. Then I met this boy. He was talking to me at a high school football game, we had just become friends. He said something to me that caught my attention.
"I used to watch sunsets all the time. I would watch the colors and daydream. I'm not sure why I stopped but one day I did. Did you ever watch sunsets?" he looked at me and for the first time I felt something more than just friends. I never answered him, but that night I did get my first kiss. I fell in love for the first time.

The author's comments:
This is completely true. It's one of the most beautiful things that have ever happened to me.

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