A Very Windy Day

December 13, 2011
The story that i best remember being told to me by my Grandma is the one about when she blew away.She used to tell this story to my Uncle Zach when he was a little boy to encourage him to eat because he was super skinny. This is how it went...
One day when my Grandma was a little girl, she was outside playing with her friends when all of a sudden there was a huge gust of wind that picked her off of the ground. Her friends began to yell at her, telling her to go back inside, but my Grandma didnt listen, she thought that it was funny. Another huge gust of wind went by and this time it carried her off. The higher she got the smaller her friends became.
As the wind swept her along she was so scared because she didnt know where or how she was going to land, or where her mother was. She thought of Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz. Maybe thats where she was going to land? Her mind was traveling a mile a minute, just like her tiny little body was, so high in the sky. She started to see highways, lakes, and rivers as the wind carried her higher and higher; she tumbled and whirled through the sky, through white, fluffy clouds. She soon learned to hold her breath and close her eyes so the fluff from the clouds wouldnt get in them. The sun started to go down and she was worried that she would be flying around in the dark. As it got darker the wind died down. She finally landed only getting a twig in her shoe and a leaf in her teeth. She landed in a town that wasnt familiar to her. When she finally got up the courage to walk towards the houses, legs shaky and wobbly, she was able to see a sign that said cedar vale.
She turned around because she heard police sirens, and from out of no where the copo was beside her, and he told her to get in, so she did.
The cop took her to a Vet Clinic because they didnnt know what else to do with her. They kept her in a cage and fed her dog food and water. When the cop left she cried herself to sleep. The policeman came and woke her up the next morning and took her back to her hometown in Sedan where she was reunited with her mother.
She had promised to always eat all of her food, as long as it wasnt dog food, so that she would never blow away again. My Grandma still tells this story today as if it were true.

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