December 12, 2011
At some point or other I realized something about who I am. I see myself in the mirror everyday, with my glasses, brown hair, and green-blue eyes and wonder "Am I real?" You know how people will think about things, such as a table, and ask whether or not it is really there or it's only there because we think it's there. I think the same thing all the time, even though it makes my head hurt, but instead of an object, i think of myself. If someone didn't look for me, know about me, love me, or acknowledge me...would I cease to exist since I was just a figment of someones imagination in the first place, or would i still be there when the day is over??? The Universe is bigger than we can imagine, and I can only wonder if I was out there, would i cease to exist, or am i already non-existing? Is such a thing possible?Such a wonder to think about...

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Accalia17 said...
Jan. 9, 2012 at 10:26 pm
no one has commented so i will because i feel lonely that no one like my writing lol
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