Homecoming Regret

December 11, 2011
By Anonymous

I felt vile. Ashamed. Had I really just done that? Me, the person who always said you should treat people the way you would want to be treated? High school is a time where you are finding yourself and trying to fit in all at the same time. People say that doing the right thing is hard. I never believed that line, until I was standing laughing with my friends at the scene we had just caused. More precisely what I had just caused.

My best friend and I were at the homecoming carnival with a few of our other friend, when we saw Jane, a girl that my best friend Kate did not like for petty reasons. We had all just gotten snow cones with our last remaining tickets and saw Jane sitting down at a nearby table with her friend. Suddenly the proposal of a prank sprang from Kate’s cherry covered lips.

“Missy, we should dump a snow cone on Jane.” Said Kate as she looked at the group, smirking over at Jane.

“Why?” I asked, albeit I was somewhat laughing at the outrageous idea.
She would never go through with that, all because Jane talks to Kate’s boyfriend?

“Because she is harassing James and me! For real, she constantly calls, she cant get that he is with me now! This will send the picture to her.” Kate furrowed her brows and nodded her head, looking at each of us.

“That would be awesome!” David said, his girlfriend, Sarah, nodded smiling.

Of course you would, you stir the drama pot and then watch it all boil over.

I didn’t exactly think it was right but Kate was my best friend I felt I had to go along with her plan because we were so close. I had heard from Kate and James how Jane was acting towards them and if a harmless “accident” would make her leave us alone then how bad could it really be? Kate formed the plan, she would trip me unexpectedly and I would toss the snow cone on Jane, since I was taller than Kate and known to be a klutz, it would all help the plan go flawlessly.

A few minutes later we all walked innocently by and then it happened. Kate really had surprised me and pushed me just so that I would lose control over the snow cone in my right hand. I saw the cherry flavored syrup arc and go towards her back along with the ball of chilling ice. I smelt the disdain I held for myself at that moment. As I watched the cone land. Splat. On her dewy. White. Back.

Jane jumped in surprise and turned to see my shocked face. As she stood up I began to walk over to her.

I cannot believe I just did this, should I say I am sorry? That’ll be a little better right?

I put up my hands apologetically as if I could take the event back, I opened my mouth and took a deep breath, I smelt the resentment coming off of her as she looked at me, I felt miniscule and my cheeks burned with shame and regret.

“I am so sorry!” I said, I looked back at the group to try and see what I should do. All I saw were my friends faces twisted in grins in which they tried to hide.

“It’s fine.” She said with scorn that she couldn’t hide.

Jane walked away with her friend towards the parking lot, shaking their heads and moving quickly. I couldn’t decide what to do, if I should follow after them and explain, but what could I say? I turned as Kate grabbed my hand and high fived me.

“That was so freaking awesome dude!” Kate laughed and smiled at me as James wrapped her in a hug.

“Oh yeah, she ain’t gonna be messing with y’all anymore.” Came my sarcastic reply, lost on the elated group.

The next few years at school Jane and I avoided each other; I slowly drifted away from Kate and the group, until I was the outcast and was unwelcomed in their presence. After breaking away from the group I started my senior year having two classes with Jane. I didn’t know how to act, I still felt ashamed for the way I treated her, and the way I let my so-called friends treat her. When put into a group together, I had to face my actions head on. I awkwardly apologized for my mistakes in the previous years. Jane looked at me suspiciously and asked if I was still friends with Kate, when I told her no she gave me the biggest smile and nodded her head.

I am discomforted by my actions at that homecoming carnival, but most of all that I compromised my beliefs of treating people how I would want to be treated, only to treat Jane like she wasn’t worth decent human respect.

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