December 10, 2011
Six words that stop your heart all together. Can you guess what they are? Some people would guess that it is “I love you more than him.” Some people would say that its, “Sorry but i have to go.” But its neither of the two.

Six words. Thats all it takes to break a teenage girl’s heart. He was her first kiss. Her first make-out. Her first true love. And from what i hear... you never forget your firsts. Well he was also another first. The first that either makes you cry from the memory... or feel nothing as you slowly forget.



It all started in a text. Only six words. ‘I think we should part ways.’ I know. Its extremely corny and that her first reaction.

She replied, “What?”

“Look we both knew this wouldn’t last forever.” Forever. Such a extreme word for four letters that only make you feel worse than you did before you ever heard them. She was confused more than anything. She didn’t have any time to feel or hurt or even think.

“Im sorry... what? are you breaking up with me over text!”

“Wow why are you freaking out! and yes I’m trying to!” That hurt. That hurt her more than a bullet going through her test and out her back would’ve. What else could she say besides, “I never said i wanted to breakup, but if you want someone else then okay but this really isn’t a good time to do this.” He flipped.

“ What?! Want someone else? This is about focusing on god more! Where did you get another girl from?”

“Well breaking up would mean moving on which would involve another girl.”

“Ugh... i was hoping to do this I’m person.”

(May i just say that their 4 month anniversary was the next day that they were going to see each other. So he was planning on using the 4 months as a getaway.)

“Just tell me why!” She was crying by this time.

“Look there are a lot of reasons okay! I never get to see you. (Who’s fault is that.) My parents would kill me if they ever found out. (Wait, What?) it cant last forever, (so your just going to give up on me.) and i don’t know i’ve been praying about it and i don’t know okay?” (Wait you involved god in this?)

“Whatever. Its fine.”

“You didn’t sound fine...”

“Im not fine okay? your the one that broke up with me remember? you broke my heart.”

“Its over okay get a clue!”

That killed her. That killed her so much she couldn’t even respond.
See what I’m talking about? Six words. Thats all it takes. So boys and girls everywhere. Never tell anyone forever. Cause they’ll remember. And never say... Six Words.

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mamabear said...
Feb. 15, 2012 at 1:48 pm
Sounds like this boy is a loser, a dork, a rat, a flea, a flea on a rat...she's better of without him.
thejesusfreak replied...
Mar. 2, 2012 at 9:15 am
Thank you so much! And you that this happened to me and he is such a flea on a rat... Tell all your friends to view my works.
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