Fame: The Ultimate Price

December 8, 2011
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Being famous is every person’s dream, and occasionally reality. Some peoples’ Fame changes them to good; others change them to “fame monsters.” Fame changes people regardless what any one person says and this is why.
In all cases of fame, popularity changes the mind into a hungry beast. Popularity is a disease inherited from generation to generation. Fame is a main component of popularity; most individuals who reach the fame level become absolutely unbearable with popularity. Paparazzi, fans, and other “fame monsters” are the ones who add on to the popularity of the one famous persona. This is, unfortunate only one of the main components of fame.
More or less, fame has a raging ego in the center of its black, abyss heart. Having an ego is essential for any person who becomes a “fame monster.” When a person has an unbearable ego, they are constantly intolerable. The person expects everyone to wait on them on a bent knee, use everyone like their own personal slave. Not every person is like this, but most are. Egos are not the only thing to worry about in a fame perspective.
In a broad spectrum, I believe the most disappointing thing a famous person could do is to let their family diminish. In most cases of fame, a family that raised and helped the famous person on their feet is left in the dust. The family is lonely, hated, and forgotten about. The fame will kill and ruin family relationship and destroys whatever bond between the famous person and the family he/she was born into. Families are out on their own without the loving support of their: mothers, fathers, daughters, etc.
Ina cultural sense, fame is not a gift rather a poisonous cobra that if it bites the poison rushes through a person’s veins and kills that person instantly. Fame contains the disease of popularity, the intolerable ego, and the cold loneliness of family heart breaks. If I had a choice, I would rather never be known then to be know and never understood.

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