December 8, 2011
By Anonymous

If there is anything I have learned over the fourteen years of living here, it is not to care about what anyone else thinks. You won’t see them in a year or even remember them, unless you want to. That person making a mean face at you, don’t care, because you know what? In two years, they will be unhappy, wishing they had not done that, and you won’t even know them. Am I telling you to go jump off a cliff and don’t care what remarks you get from it? NO! I am simply telling you to lead the life you want, always act how you are when you and your best friend are doing makeovers in your room, or listening to music, or just plain talking. Be yourself. Most people attempt to blend in with others, but what comes with blending in is having a large loss of attention, friends, and normally confidence. When you see those big groups of popular girls walking around or standing there talking, they are insecure, they would be scared half to death to do what you are doing. Go ahead and walk out to where the guys are and play football with them. Go and talk with the group of people you have never talked to before, be confident. If you have no confidence, people will reject you more, and when you have confidence, there is an ability to be completely oblivious to all rejection.
Laugh so hard that you start crying.
Sing your favorite song during break with your friends, don’t worry, no one’s watching.
Smile at the guy you like, even if it’s not for too long.
Run to that basketball court over there, don’t worry, only you notice your legs jiggle.
Play basketball, soccer, or football with the guys.
Whenever someone is mean to you, they are completely and totally jealous of you, they wish they were as pretty as you.
Scream when the ice cream man drives down the hill, maybe he will stop for you and give you free ice cream.
Raise your hand in class, speak your language, smile in confidence, and if ANYBODY makes fun of you, laugh and ignore them.
The best way to reject an insult is ignoring it.
Did you know that insults can actually be rejected? Next time someone insults you, keep in mind that the way to make them never insult you again is by ignoring them, or coming up with an amazing comeback.
Stop reading this, and be yourself. Only you were created the way you are, so smile, laugh, and enjoy life.

The author's comments:
I love copying down quotes from the internet, and thinking about them and how i could count them in my daily life. I think so much about inspirational quotes that i created a journal for them and wrote all over my walls with sticky notes. I finally came up with the idea of writing a short article about Confidence, which is a centered idea about life, not caring about what other people think. I was really insecure last year but this year I am much more confident. Believe you are beautiful.

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