December 7, 2011
By ellebell1919 GOLD, Salt Lake City, Utah
ellebell1919 GOLD, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Riptide: a strong surface current flowing outwards from a shore

Riptides are frightening things and when you’re caught in one you don't know what to do
Panic tends sets in and you begin to feel yourself sucked out to shore
you start paddling and kicking as fast as you can to get out of this crazy current.
This only makes you tired and the current continues on.

When caught in a riptide the only way you can get out is by relaxing, ceasing to struggle and letting the current take you for a bit. Once it has pulled you out farther, the current will end and you are left floating
now presented with multiple ways to swim out and back in to shore.

Riptides are a metaphor for life. When caught in a situation where you feel as though you are being dragged out to sea, you musn't panic or overwhelm yourself
This will just keep you in the current and exhaust you
However if you relax, calm down and let it take you for a bit, you will find yourself lightly floating suddenly you have a multitude of potential solutions that will all lead you back to the shore.

When presented with a stressful situation that seems to be pulling us out into the big blue oblivion, if we simply pause and take a moment to logically think instead of just fighting and struggling, then we can find our different options to get back to where we want to be.

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