Believe in Yourself

December 7, 2011
There comes a time in everyone's life where you doubt your own personality. What is personality anyway? Moods change. One day you can be the happiest person on the planet but then you feel worthless the next day. Why does everyone assume people's emotions when they have no idea what's going on behind closed doors. Behind closed doors your life could be a wreck. You could be hurting others and maybe even yourself. But when everyone flashes the camera, you smile and act like nothing is going on. As if you are supposed to be Perfect. Well guess what? Perfect is different to everyone. To some people perfect might be the size three coca cola body. Or perfect might be A's on your report card. Maybe your idea of perfect is scoring all home runs in a baseball game. Sorry to break it to you, but perfect can never happen. I know. I've tried. Perfect can only be achieved when you say that you are perfect. Don't rely on someone else to say your personality is great, or say your beautiful in every way. Believe in Yourself.

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