A Casual Stroll

December 7, 2011
By Anonymous

From a distance you look wonderful. The sun’s reflection on your dark hair is radiant, and though your eyes seem vague and distant, I know for a fact, that they are of a beautiful auburn when you look up. I haven’t seen you smile in a while, and I’ll say that it is the most peculiar thing because it is rare. I saw you smile, even laugh once. It was a heart-felt laugh, and oh, your smile. That smile that I would see very rarely. It was bright at one point before you decided to look away and allow that serene look to come over you once again. I miss you. You used to make me laugh, and I’m betting two to one that you still can. You were that friend that I had wished for when I was younger. You were the guy friend who would be there to do nothing with me. That’s right. Nothing. I’d simply sit before you and we’d stare at each other knowing that each glance meant something more and that my smile was for you, and only you. When we did talk, we talked about the simplest of things. We’d listen to songs and we’d sing and laugh at how cheesy each was, though I knew that I could definitely assimilate with every verse. Sometimes I still hear these songs, and they bring to mind your image, your smile, your eyes, and I smile. Yet, I can’t help myself when the water overflows and I find that the ticklish sensation on my cheek was a tear of our memory that soon died at my lips. I’ve overcome the sadness for now I feel grateful and my soul lifts itself when I look back at my time with you. I took a risk for you and with you, and I can proudly say that I do not regret a single moment. I miss you, and I will always love you, my friend. Looking back, I can no longer see your face, and as soon as I look away, I see you turn for a second. A smile alights upon my face, and yet, I continue to walk forward without looking back.

The author's comments:
There's some hope left in me. I keep my memories and cherish them. If I become a memory, then at least it means that I am worth remembering.

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