The Tower of Terror

December 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I could hear dozens of screams blaring from the gargantuan roller coaster. It looked like an apartment, but oh no, it was the "Tower of Terror."

When I was six, my parents and I went to esteemed "Disney World." Three days into our one week vacation, I came face to face with, at that moment, my biggest nightmare.

"I don't want to go!" I was quietly sobbing and moaning in my mom's arm, hearing all the screams, and seeing how tall the ride was, one of the first times I truly cried.

"Don't be a baby" my dad teased me back, "Don't worry. It will be fun! And you are brave, aren't you? Come on!" My dad pushed me gently.

By now, a few people started to notice my dilemma. A passerby came up to me and reassured me that everything would be fine, and that even she is going to go on the ride. My dad laughed awkwardly at the stranger, the way he does to any stranger that talks to me.

After much motivating, cajoling, and placating, I finally decided to go, but I also decided that I will never let go of my mom's arm.

The actual ride was like an enormous elevator to accommodate the masses of people that go on it every day-- basically an elevator within an apartment. As more people started to reassure me, I started to calm down and think that this wouldn't be so bad after all.

But I thought too soon.

As the ride started, the elevator started moving forward into utter darkness, and all the while a ominous voice started laughing...

The elevator rushed down at what I thought was the speed of sound, crept back up, rushed down again, and continued this cycle several times. Sometimes it would just hold still, and then when I least expected it, rushed down again. My heart was beating rapidly, and I was scared... but I slowly got the hang of it and started to enjoy the ride.

And then the ride finally came to a complete stop, and we were supposed to get out. My mom started laughing with me, saying how that was fun and exciting, and then my dad said "See? It wasn't so bad, was it?" I was smiling, and nodded.

That day thought me a lot about fear and facing your fears. In fact, it came to be my favorite day of the whole Disney World vacation.

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