Never Felt The Same Way Since

December 5, 2011
By IzzaMariexx BRONZE, Rota, Other
IzzaMariexx BRONZE, Rota, Other
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2 summer ago I was in love. I was in love with the most PERFECT guy. The way his brown hair falls over his eyes, and the way those hazel eyes sparkle. DANG. I love how I felt about him, I love how I always talk to him, how I could tell him everything without him saying anything against me. I love how i could run to him whenever I need him. Then I fell in love, there I was talking to the most amazing guy in the planet and he never noticed me. He'd tell me about this girl he likes and I'm just there wishing it was me. Then suddenly it struck me i had to tell him how i feel, my mind was made up. I'm going to tell him. This time no backing down anymore. I'm going to find that courage to tell him, even if it means hating me forever. I was about to tell him when i saw him and i felt weak. Really weak. I went straight to him and told him "I liked you for a VERY long time now.. every time we hung out it felt as if I want to stay forever. Then a little accident happened, I was rushed to the hospital. After a few days of being at a boring hospital he told me he loved me. Not in a best friend way but so much more. 'This is it' i told myself. I sound lucky right? WRONG. After a few days of giving him everything he wanted, I felt like he started to loose feelings for me. I confronted him about this, he told me that he never had feelings for me, he just dated me to get over his ex. I was crushed, I cried for 4 days. I felt like my world was going to end. I hated my life and didn't feel like going anywhere. I HATED HIM. Even though a few years had gone by, I can't love the same. The feeling that got me crazy was gone. I've liked a few boys alright but i NEVER felt the way i did for him and it SUCKS.

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