Life With Cancer.

November 30, 2011
By Anonymous

June 30, 2005 my life changed. One minute I was laughing with my friends then the next i was fighting for my life.I had blacked out at school and fell over, my teacher screaming my name and at others to call 911. Then i was at a hospital, nurse everywhere asking me to do stuff at the same time, all yelling about the different types of x-rays that needed to be done. I saw my mothers face she was cring telling me not to close my eyes, i wanted to listen and obey, but my eyes were not obeying.The next thing I remember is waking up to my mom yelling,"this cant be right she has been healthly for ages she cant have lukemea, run the test agian." I was shocked the only illness i have ever had was the cold, so i was not prepared for this whole process of going into remission. I cried for 3 hour with my family then the next thing i knew was it was chemo time. I was so sick never felt so helpless, throwing up, getting cold then violent the throwing up, getting cold and violent agian, and the whole time my mother kept trying to bring joy in my life by saying," well atleast now you dont have to worry about getting fat. I knew she wanted to help me, but i just wanted to die. I couldn't stand what was happening, I thought i was gross and did't want people to talk to me. After about a 8 months i was in remission, and i have been ever since i was 8. My doctors say i am know cured of lukemea, so i can live a normal life. It had never been a more terrific birthday then the day i heard the words cured from cancer.

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